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Anchor Services Group Cleans Your Space Right

By Keith Donaldson

Located in Stockbridge, Anchor Services Group provides cleaning services and helps take that stress off of you and your family's back. Owner Tami Sellers took some time to answer our questions about her business.

What ​first inspired you to open Anchor Services Group? How long have you been in business?

Back in 2009, after working for three national cleaning services, I had had enough. Two companies didn't care about their employees, one didn't care about the quality of cleans or the client. I knew that I could do better. I set out on my own with a cleaning bucket from my own cabinet, and $60 worth of supplies. I had 3 clients my first week. 5 years later, business started picking up and I needed help. That's when I realized we were on to something bigger. In 2016 we got a business license, insurance and got serious.

On the website it says that your services help make life less stressful for families. What are some ways you do this?

I like to say we save marriages one dust bunny at a time. In busy families, there simply is no time to clean. Mom works full time, Dad works full time, each kid has extra curricular activities a few nights a week, games, tournaments or competitions on Saturdays, sometimes Sundays, church and family gatherings on Sunday. Monday morning comes and it starts all over again. We take the stress of having to scrub toilets, dust, vacuum, sweep, mop, etc off of them. They go to work and come home to a clean house.

What ​do you think it is about Anchor Services cleaning services that make you stand out amongst the rest?

Relationships: We encourage our girls to get to know the homeowner if they are there while we clean. I worked for other services that didn't want us to talk to the homeowner. I would get scolded for forming relationships. I chose to make my business different.

Tailored Services: We have a standard way of cleaning and what we do. That doesn't always work for everyone. Some are sensitive to our cleaning products so we use theirs. Some have rooms that only need cleaning once a year for guests. Some have special scheduling requests due to work/sleep schedules. We work around all that.

Consistency: We strive to give the same level of service every single time. We don't cut corners, rotate areas, etc.

Fun: We have a lot of fun. We encourage our teams to find the best team mates for their personalities. I worked with some teams at previous services that pretty much hated each other. It made for a very long, stressful day. I want our girls to still love each other at the end of the day and to be excited to come to work the next day.

Along with residential cleaning services, you also offer commercial cleaning. Why do you think a business should choose Anchor Services Group for their commercial cleaning needs?

We do so much more than empty trash and mop the floors. We actually clean. We clean out the frig in the break room, clean out the microwave, scrub counter tops and tables. In the offices, we dust pictures, blinds, wipe off the desktops, wipe the phone receivers with rubbing alcohol (gasp!), dust bookshelves, clean glass doors and windows, scrub toilets. You would not believe how many offices I go into and they say, "Our current company doesn't do anything other than dump the trash and do the floors." That is not what a cleaning company is or should do. There should be a visible difference between Friday afternoon and Monday morning.

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