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North Georgia Zoo Gives Guests a Taste of the Wild

By Kelly Gallagher

At the North Georgia Zoo, get up close and personal with animals from zebras to kangaroos. For kids, the zoo even offers day camps and its Shadow a Zookeeper program, encouraging Georgia's youth to learn more about the animals with which they share the world.

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Kelly Gallagher is a Staff Writer at Georgia State Homes.

Kelly Gallagher studied creative writing at SUNY Oswego and Vermont College of Fine Arts. She has written for a variety of publications, including Angels on Earth, Wine & Craft Beverage News, Country Folks, Country Folks Grower, Mane Stream and Adirondack Traveler. When not writing, she dabbles in photography and painting, and is always on the hunt for a good hiking trail. She lives in Scotia, NY with her husband and new son, Hudson.