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Our team of real estate agents offers insight and advice based on years of first hand experience.

Georgia State Homes Team

user profile Allison Wilson

Allison Wilson is an award-winning writer and communications...

user profile Christian Burney

Christian Burney will soon graduate with a BFA in writing from the...

user profile Courtney Clark

Courtney Clark graduated from Flagler College with a BA in English...

user profile Elisha Neubauer

Elisha Neubauer is a freelance editor, ghostwriter, book reviewer,...

user profile Elizabeth Elstien

Elizabeth R. Elstien has worked in real estate for over 15 years...

user profile Jake Levin

user profile Jessica Metcalf

J.L. Metcalf has a Bachelor's degree in English from Rhode Island...

user profile Jim Caton

An English teacher for twenty-five years, first at a college near...

user profile Joshua

Joshua Nothom reports on local interests, hot spots, and...

user profile Kara Jackman

Kara Jackman is an archivist by day and a freelance writer by...

user profile Keith Donaldson

user profile Kelly Gallagher

Kelly Gallagher studied creative writing at SUNY Oswego and...

user profile Kristen Bosse

Kristen has written impressive content including press releases...

user profile Marina I. Jokic

Marina Jokic holds a bachelor's degree from Connecticut College in...

user profile Paul Rowe

Paul Rowe is a graduate instructor of writing and master's student...

user profile Ratasha Smith

Ratasha Smith is a correspondent for the Inner-City Newspaper in...

user profile Rebecca Gaunt

Rebecca Gaunt earned a degree in journalism from the University of...

user profile Robert Dellamano

Robert Dellamano received a B.S. in Biology from Southern Illinois...

user profile Vanessa Nason

Vanessa Nason is a fourth year journalism major at Northeastern...

user profile Vanessa Nason

Vanessa Nason is a fourth year journalism major at Northeastern...

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Our community of experts consists of qualified lawyers, appraisers, contractors, home inspectors, mortgage brokers, and insurance specialists.


user profile Doc Wixson
AVIA Designs

Doc Wixson was trained in audio systems design and installation...

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user profile Melissa Downer
Sunrise Pool Services, Inc.

Melissa Downer acts as the Marketing Specialist, and Customer...

user profile Margo Tantau
Midwest CBK

Margo Tantau is Vice President for Design & Creative at Midwest...

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user profile Bambi Hackney
Equity Insurance Solutions

Bambi Hackney is backed by 20 years of insurance experience.

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Newest Contributors

Melissa Downer acts as the Marketing Specialist, and Customer Service Representative...

Phone: 678-804-0050

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Margo Tantau is Vice President for Design & Creative at Midwest CBK.

Phone: 1-800-394-4225

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Phone: 770.483.2808

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John Clay is president and manager at John Clay & Associates, Inc.

Phone: 770-402-4430

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Oni Holley is a Partner and co-founder of Molden & Holley, LLC. Her areas of practice...

Phone: 404-324-4500

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