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Moving Day Tips: An Interview with Jonathan Greer of Big League Movers Moving Day Tips: An Interview with Jonathan Greer of Big League Movers

By Jonathan Greer

Mr. Greer tells you everything you need to know about preparing for your move, and what you should expect from quality movers!

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Jonathan Greer is Vice President of Sales and Marketing of Big League Movers Inc., a Memphis and Atlanta based moving firm established in 2008, where he is primarily responsible for the company's business development, sales and relationship strategy. As a young executive, Jonathan has demonstrated a proven track record of leadership in executing growth strategies, market analysis and communications.

Jonathan has a wide range of experiences in both small and large organizations. His career has been rooted in both the nonprofit and transportation industries. A background in nonprofit plays a critical role in Big League Mover's efforts to be a company that is ready to provide community support and outreach to worthy local causes.

A graduate of the University of Memphis, he holds a degree in both History and Philosophy. As Program Manager and Advocate for Sunshine Uzbekistan, he drafted speeches presented to the United Nations, Helsinki Commission and CSCE. His involvement in state and international politics led to lobbying efforts with members of the U.S. Congress and State Department. Jonathan shifted gears after a stint in the non-profit world to establish a career in transportation. He established his career at a Fortune 500 company where he began to quickly stand out as a customer-driven asset with supply-chain process and efficiency insight.

He brings his passion and experiences to Big League Movers where he is able to fulfill what he calls a true calling to "help people".