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You Can't Go Wrong Simply Done Donuts

By Jake Levin

There are two ways to research what it takes to own and operate a successful donut shop, both of which Karissa Norfleet utilized in opening Simply Done Donuts.

She reads menus and reviews of shops similar to her shop in Duluth, Ga., examining the ease of which certain flavors are created while checking for availability on certain ingredients.

But the other method she uses is a much more foolproof way of ensuring the little donuts with big flavor are a hit with her patrons: donut consumption.

Norfleet opened Simply Done a little over two years ago, in April 2015. From a modest beginning operating solely out of a cart came a full-fledged shop located on 3550 West Lawrenceville St. in Duluth, a suburb of Atlanta. The cart, which is really a truck, is still operational; just this month it is making 12 stops throughout the area.

What sets Simply Done apart from its competitors, aside from the taste, of course, is Norfleet's welcoming personality and her sense of pride in her community. She's made it her goal to turn her customers into her family by providing a warm environment for them to come in, chill out and eat donuts.

"I love this community and want to know everyone," she said. "This is our family. We don't have family here, so I am building one.

"I don't know the last time I went out dining and actually had the owners or manager swing by my table to just talk to me. THAT is what we offer to folks. A place to unwind, vent if you need to, relax, and enjoy. I want to make a positive impact on people's lives and plan on doing that in big ways."

Norfleet is forever impartial to several flavors at Simply Done, including an apple pie donut; a sopapilla flavor, which is derived from Spanish culture; and a smores-based donut. But right now, she is all about the "Oh Snap!" flavor in homage to rice krispy treats.

"It is so fun," Norfleet said. "It is all the yummy-ness that makes up a Rice Krispy Treat-glaze, Rise Krispy cereal, and marshmallow drizzle. I recommend to everyone right now."

Simply Done also offers catering. There's a simple catering option, which involves simply picking up your donuts at the shop; however, there is also the option of renting the donut truck and have a donut machine set up in your venue. Donut sundaes are available in either method, as well as coffee, juices, and of course, the simply done donuts themselves.

"We have something for everyone but also it is affordable and fun," Norfleet said. "You can see from reviews of folks who have had us cater that they love us and our product. All these options are unique, fun, creative, and sure to be a hit."

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