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Whispering Hope Helps Give You Options in the Darkest of Times

By Elisha Neubauer

For those facing an unintended pregnancy, Whispering Hope Women's Resource and Pregnancy Center is there to help with those overwhelming feelings and to provide information, resources, and aid when needed.

A not-for-profit organization, Whispering Hope offers many services, free of cost, to help with the process of facing an unplanned pregnancy. "Acknowledging that every human life begins at conception and is worthy of protection, Whispering Hope offers compassion, hope, and help for anyone vulnerable to abortion by presenting life-affirming alternatives and support and by sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ," states Beth Hathorn, Executive Director. Some of their services include free pregnancy tests, free limited ultrasounds, and free STI testing.

"Organizations like Whispering Hope provide education and support for young men and women who feel overwhelmed by an unintended pregnancy," explains Hathorn. "Many times young moms and dads want to choose life for their unborn baby, but they feel alone, scared and/or ill-equipped to make that choice." Hathorn believes that because of the support that Whispering Hope provides, young men and women can confidently choose life for their babies.

One important series offered by the organization is the Earn while you Learn program. It allows young mothers to earn 'Mommy Money' which can then be used for items they need for their baby, such as diapers, wipes, formula, clothing, et cetera. "Dads can also participate in Whispering Hope's Earn While You Learn program where Dads earn Daddy Dollars that can be used to get what they need for their babies," states Hathorn. "Whispering Hope also provides access to other resources in the community that can help Moms and Dads with food, shelter, employment and other necessities."

In addition to the Earn while you Learn program, they offer many additional informative resources for struggling new parents. "Whispering Hope provides options counseling which answers their questions with factual information about abortion, parenting and adoption," she details. "We also offer informative pamphlets on these topics and others that may be relevant to their pregnancy."

The organization also offers someone to talk to, sharing their wisdom or just an ear to lend during unwanted pregnancies. "We are here to listen and help you, not to judge, and understand that each situation is unique," states their website. "Because we do not profit from any choice your make, there is no pressure to purchase additional services." They also offer solutions and support for the men involved in the situation.

Whispering Hope is not an adoption agency, an abortion doctor, or an obstetrical medical practice, but instead are specialists in pregnancy diagnosis and medical confirmation. They do not require parental consent for appointments, nor do they require any insurance. Clients can be assured that no paperwork or phone calls will be directed to their homes, either, making it 100% confidential.

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