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Ultimate Escape Game's Riveting Entertainment Experience Challenges Your Brain with a Little Fun

By Elisha Neubauer

Looking for something fun to do that is a bit off the cuff? Looking to add excitement to your group-outing? Want to get your blood pumping and your brain working? These thoughts and more are the branding factors behind the launch of the Ultimate Escape Game in Atlanta, Georgia?an entertainment phenomenon.

Escape rooms have been sweeping the nation, and indeed, the world over the last few years. These rooms are intellectually stimulating entertainment activities in which guests are locked in a room for a set amount of time (in this case, 60 minutes) where they are forced to work together as a team to solve clues, labyrinths, and puzzles in order to escape. These live escape rooms follow the early sleuthing board and video game concepts, however, they are brought into the real world to allow guests to practice their skills in person and on a team.

The goal of these escape rooms is to beat the clock and free your team. Innovated themed rooms, such as a WWII code-cracking room or a museum heist, are filled with cinematic staging and carefully crafted puzzles. The games are completed by following the clues in order to locate the four digit pin number that will unlock the automatic door to your themed room. The rooms range in difficulty from beginner status to more advanced levels and even include the option of a virtual reality game.

"Virtual Reality is something that makes you escape reality as well," says Angela Luallen, Operations Manager of Ultimate Escape Games. "You have a chance to be in a world that is so amazing, choosing from tons of games on our steam library." She adds, "When you put on the VR system and choose an awesome game, you become a part of that world!"

Escape games are not only great for birthday parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and group gatherings?they are excellent, exciting team building exercises for large and small companies. The rooms force individuals to think as a team, on the fly, to beat the clock and escape the room. This team building that occurs in the room can transfer to the office or the business, creating bonds and unearthing skills and creativity that you didn't know your employees possessed.

According to Luallen, the rooms are quite challenging, and not everyone escapes, but the ultimate goal of the game is to have fun. "We lock you in a room for 60 minutes and you are forced to work together, and learn how each other see things," she states. "However the great thing is, you make friends along the way."

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