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Truth in Motion Yoga Puts Good Health within Reach

By Marina I. Jokic

Located in Johns Creek, Georgia, Truth in Motion Yoga teaches all levels of yoga rooted in the Vinyasa tradition. From basic flow to sunrise yoga and deep stretch yin, the studio is a gateway for learning foundational and advanced yoga. There are so many schools of yoga out there, but owner of the studio Irina Walton chose Vinyasa in particular because of its versatility and heavy focus on breath-synchronized movement.

Vinyasa-style classes are devised to smoothly transition from one asana (pose) to the next, synchronizing each one to the cycle of a student's breath. The practice has a flowing quality and explains why this style of yoga is often referred to as Vinyasa Flow or just Flow. With each movement being linked to the flow of the breath, the practice becomes more dynamic, invigorating, demanding, and challenging than others. In her teaching, Irina emphasizes that yoga is physically accessible to everyone and can be modulated easily to fit a particular fitness level.

"Since Vinyasa is more dynamic and challenging, prepare to sweat and receive a good cardio workout," Irina said. "Yoga is not just for the young, healthy, flexible, [and] wealthy. It is truly for everyone."

Flow classes start with centering meditation and breath exercises, followed by a brief warm-up and transition into sun salutations and eventually flows. Variations can be adapted to accommodate beginners, while more advanced students can partake in more intense and dynamic sequences. Irina also interweaves yogic philosophies and poetry into her classes as a way to invigorate her students.

Irina was introduced to yoga at the age of five in her native Russia as a way to relieve her asthma and weakened immune system. Her mother, her first teacher, encouraged her to practice daily over the course of an entire year. Her symptoms subsided, and soon enough, Irina was cured of her ailments. She had never felt more invigorated and alive. Years later, during another trying period, Irina again turned to her trusted yoga practice and it was a saving grace.

"Yoga has been in my life since then; it works, it helps, it makes us feel better and feel happier," she said. "I wanted to share this wonderful ancient practice with others and maybe make a difference in their lives."

Kids with special needs are particularly encouraged to join Irina's studio as she has created multiple courses for improving communication, building relationships, and reducing anxiety through yoga practice.

"As a teacher, yoga practitioner, lifelong student, and a business owner, I believe that yoga should be accessible to everyone, not just the financially privileged," Irina said. "Our goal as a studio is to make it truly affordable allowing those who couldn't have access to a yoga studio before, [due to expensive memberships for example], to establish a strong [and] beneficial yoga practice."

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