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Travel Smart and Meaningfully with the Help of Go Eat Give

By Courtney Clark

Sucheta Rawal of Smyrna loves food and traveling. During her journeys, she wanted to do more than just enjoy the scenery as a tourist; she wanted to understand culture and cuisine. This desire, along with the passion from her blog readers, prompted her to start Go Eat Give. Go Eat Give is a nonprofit organization that offers cultural tours and organizes local events, consequently promoting cross-cultural connection. "I wanted to experience the destinations I was visiting in an insightful way," Rawal says. The Go Eat Give website explains that the organization offers "unique international vacations featuring authentic, immersive experiences with local people, cultures, and cuisines."

Every month the organization plans and hosts a Destination Dinner- a dinner at a local restaurant that aims to educate attendees about a country's culture, unique features, an attributes. The restaurants, the website says, serve authentic cuisine from the choice country while native speakers and artists speak about customs, practices, and culture.

"I am hoping that the Go Eat Give style of travel will create a new group of informed travelers, who don't just get off the beaten path, but actually enjoy being citizen diplomats," Rawal says. Her goal is that through education, people who desire to travel will do more than just pass the time; they will aim for authentic experiences via restaurants, sustainable hotels, local products, and real conversation.

One recent Destination Dinner, held at Atlanta's Chama Gaucha, and educated attendees about Brazilian culture. Andrea Moreira from Dance Brasil held a live samba performance, and Ambassador Hermano Telles Ribeiro spoke about Rio's preparation for the Olympics. "At this event," Rawal says, "we Brazilians and Americans dined and danced together. It felt like you had traveled to Brazil just for an evening for under $50!"

Go Eat Give also contributes on a larger scale. The organization partners with community organizations abroad. According to the website, those who donate contribute to raising "global awareness of important issues" and providing "meaningful support to local nonprofits, including orphanages, schools, health centers, food programs, and women's empowerment centers." Donators can contribute to their choice of charity or directly to Go Eat Give for their "global programming."

Go Eat Give provides unique, educational, and fun experiences to those who are hungry to become informed travelers. Rawal says, "We learn so much about each other and ourselves when we travel. It opens our minds to trying new things, understanding someone else's perspective." So try a Destination Dinner or donate to learn how to travel more meaningfully.

For even more information about Go Eat Give and how you can get involved, feel free to take a look at their website at

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