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The Shed at Glenwood is Not your Run-of-the-Mill Eatery

By Elisha Neubauer

Cynthia Shera had a dream- a dream to become her own boss, to run things her way. It was a dream held close by most, yet fulfilled by few. After years of working at someone else's pace, Shera decided she wouldn't let a little hard work scare her off and she set out with one goal in mind: to create a intimate, neighborhood oriented restaurant.

To say Shera succeeded is an understatement.

The Shed at Glenwood is the product of Shera's imagination, drive, and devotion to her neighborhood. It is standing proof that you can always accomplish what you set out to do with a little patience and an equal dose of elbow grease. "The shed did become exactly what it was supposed to after a few hard years," Shera tells us.

"My concept was smaller, cozier, more neighborhood oriented; a place to come for an everyday meal, and also a place to come celebrate birthdays and anniversaries." She goes on, explaining that at The Shed, they really hold true to the new mantras of food; stating they, "Source local, and purchase sustainable, healthy product." Deciding on a location was perhaps the easiest factor involved during the start-up.

Given that Shera knew she wanted to form the basis of her eatery around that 'neighborhood feel,' it seemed only fitting to kick things off in her own neck of the woods.

"Why not start in my own neighborhood?" she states. "As a restaurant, we are intimately involved with the neighborhood, from sponsoring Run with Wolves for the last three years to whooping it up with the softball team for the last six, win or lose." To show off her local softball loyalty, she points to trophy in the corner. "They used to be champions, hence the absurd trophy in the corner of the bar, but they are on the comeback trail this year," Shera giggles. "I can feel it!"

Thanks to Shera's passion for the neighborhood, The Shed is involved in more than just community events, though. "I have watched children grow up, I have watched couples get married, and conversely, break up," she reminisces. Adding a sentimental tone to the conversation, she states, "The Shed is exactly what a restaurant should me. It's that amazing place where life happens all over a meal and a couple glasses of wine."

What does that mean to Shera? According to her concept, "The Shed is a place where you get a hug before you sit down and where you can find a bartender that knows all your crazy drama." These are great selling points but there's more to The Shed than just a good friend behind the bar. "You also know you can get great food you can feel good about eating and buying, and a killer wine list to calm your nerves after a long hard day."

When it comes to the staff, they're just as big a part of the family as the business itself. Shera boosts an employment list filled with long-termers, having had most of the staff with her for several years. "We share anniversaries, celebrate birthdays, spend holidays together. We are close," she tells us. "The restaurant becomes so much more than just a business."

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