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The Healing Power of Polarity Therapy Makes an Impact in Atlanta, Georgia

By Paul Rowe

Forty-two years ago, Eleanora Lipton began learning about exercise and nutrition while working at The Arden Zinn exercise studio in Atlanta, Georgia. The discovery of nutrition opened Lipton's mind to higher planes of thinking. After eight years of diligent learning guided by seasoned teachers in Yoga, spirituality, anatomy, exercise, and nutrition, Lipton graduated with a degree in Religious Studies, eventually embracing the art of Polarity Therapy in 1980. Undoubtedly, it's these rich experiences that have combined to provide Lipton with the acquired skills to run Atlanta Polarity & Intuitive Yoga Center.

"The discovery of Polarity was and continues to be the inspiration of my life path," says Lipton. "Opening the Center created a pathway for me to share a complementary approach to help others deepen their healing process."

Lipton has embraced the teachings of renowned Polarity creator Dr. Randolph Stone, chiropractor, naturopath, and osteopath. Stone said that there is a finer energy permeating every aspect of our being that must be balanced in order to attain true health. Lipton has carved her own path from the foundations laid by Stone.

"Polarity led me to recognize subtle levels of stress in my mind and emotions that my body experienced as physical stress and strain. These are real components to one's whole state of being," says Lipton. "I could literally feel my body and emotions relax when the energy blockage was released in a Polarity Therapy session. Breath is moved by Energy. Breath vitalizes every cell in our being. This is why energy work is considered holistic: there's no separation. Now there was a way to pull together all the parts of the Self."

Thanks to Lipton, the people of Atlanta now have a path to recovery, reunification, and health: the Atlanta Polarity & Intuitive Yoga Center. Private polarity sessions begin with seeking out the cause of the energy blockage: the source of physical pain and mental stress one is experiencing. After some discussion about this source of blockage, the patient will lie on the bodywork table for hands-on touch therapy.

"Working with the energy blockage, the polarity model informs us of the other parts of the body that also need attention to promote energy flow," says Lipton. "For example, if one has neck pain, the knee and belly area must be checked. One client with constant neck stress found great relief once her digestion problems were resolved: the body really is One!"

The Center also coordinates breathtaking international retreats providing complete removal from day-to-day responsibilities. In July 2016, the retreat will be held in Tuscany at the villa La Chiara di Prumiano, complete with organic, farm-to-table meals and opportunities to explore the area. In previous years, retreats have been held in Berlin and Andalucia, Spain.

In a world full of outward distractions, Lipton hopes to show people how to look inward. "Polarity," says Lipton, "respects the physical body as the Temple of our Soul and Spirit. Polarity promotes self awareness and inner resourcefulness as our greatest tools for fulfilling the purpose of our life. With these tools comes greater self control, self confidence, self love and vital health. Then the power of love can truly overcome the love of power - bringing more peace to everyone and everything everywhere."

The Atlanta Polarity & Intuitive Yoga Center is located at 1730 Northeast Expressway in Atlanta, GA - or online at

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