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The Easy Roller Makes Heavenly Cake Pops

By S. Mathur

Cake pops are those delicious bite-sized sweet treats on a stick - an indulgence that can be enjoyed without guilt because, after all, they're so small. And yet their growing popularity has left bakers struggling to keep up with demand. Jennifer Cucci of Heavenly Cake Pops faced the same problem, rolling cake pops until her hands ached. Her efforts to keep up with a flood of orders led her to invent the Easy Roller.

But why are cake pops so popular anyway? Cucci explains: "They are unique and easy enough to make for home bakers yet offer the most talented cake artist an opportunity to demonstrate the most intricate creations and designs on an individual portioned treat. Nowadays you see some AMAZING creations....In fact, Cake Pops had their own category at the renowned Oklahoma Sugar Art Show." And then there's the cuteness factor.

The sheer versatility of cake pops lets bakers experiment with innovative recipes, new flavors, and designs that can be endlessly creative to match occasions. Cucci got her start making cake pops for her son's birthday party.

"I have always had a creative entrepreneurial spirit, I get that from my Dad and I have always loved baking. To be honest I didn't really know what I was getting myself into when I first started making cake pops, it was just a fun hobby. I found them by accident after looking for something unique to make my son for his birthday. They were such a hit at the party and everyone wanted them, but nobody wanted to make them so I got a ton of requests. Then about 4 years ago, I had a law firm order a few hundred for their customers for Christmas. That turned into about 4000 cake pop orders over the Christmas holiday as most of their customers got a hold of me for their own orders. I recruited and bribed a lot of friends and family to help me roll them by hand that Christmas in order to get them done."

Unable to keep up with the demand, she began searching for a kitchen tool that would make it easier to produce cake pops on a large scale. There was, she discovered, no such thing available. Finally, she decided to make her own and came up with the Easy Roller after much trial and error. It can roll 21 balls at a time, and produce 500 in an hour, all of matching shape and consistency. It lets the user adjust size and shape as well, adding creativity to productivity.

Then the entrepreneurial spirit kicked in, and Cucci posted a video of the Easy Roller on an online baking community site. And testifying to the power of social media, the production of Easy Rollers was crowdfunded even before the term become so widely used. Posts on Facebook and YouTube raised the capital needed in just three months. The success of Heavenly Cake Pops, Cucci says, is an example of "Social Media at its best!"

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