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The Daily Offers A Variety of Pilates Classes To Please Everyone

By Pamela Sosnowski

Although Pilates is thought of as a relatively new fitness trend in the U.S., the physical fitness system began in Germany a century ago, when Joseph Pilates introduced a workout that utilized controlled movements. In 2015, it was estimated that the number of Pilates studios in the U.S. had grown to more than 31,000. One of these is The Daily, an Atlanta-based studio that takes Pilates' regimens and elevates them to what they call "science-based" classes.

"Our science-based classes simply means we follow exercise science guidelines in all of our classes," explains Lily Collins, owner of The Daily. "We use techniques like starting with the biggest muscle group and ending with the smallest to prevent fatigue and help achieve the most from the workout. All of our classes provide a full body workout."

At The Daily, Pilates workouts are accomplished using a series of spring-loaded resistance and body-weight exercises. Some of these are performed using the studio's new Allegro 2 reformers while others use floor mats and traditional equipment such as bands and balls. Pilates engages the core, helps encourage correct posture, and strengthens the body overall.

The Daily recommends that all types of athletes, including yogis, runners, and CrossFit enthusiasts incorporate Pilates into their program to help enhance performance and minimize injury. For someone that loves running, for example, the studio says their classes can help a runner cover more ground farther and faster while decreasing the chance of an injury.

Some of the Pilates classes have received a modern update; the studio offers cardio Pilates, which is a high-energy class with short cardio bursts, and hip hop Pilates, which is choreographed to upbeat, hip hop music. Then there's The Daily Sculpt, the advanced Pilates class using the reformers that Collins says is usually wait listed for months out on the weekends. The studio believes in offering a variety of cardio and Pilates classes to help everyone get the best out of their body.

Collins has a Kinesiology/ Exercise Science degree and over 25 years of experience as an athlete, dancer, and fitness instructor. "After years of personal training and working for physical therapists and chiropractors I became extremely passionate about creating effectively balanced fitness programs," she says. "I opened The Daily to help people discover flexibility, build strength and find a sense of peace and playfulness within themselves. I wanted to create this experience in a bright, modern environment where people looked forward to going to."

Collins' studio is located in the city's West Midtown neighborhood and tucked away in the King Plow Arts Center. Featuring 30' tall ceilings and windows that let the sunshine into the exercise rooms, it gives a modern and refreshing feel to every workout. Classes are kept on the smaller side to allow for more individualized attention from instructors.

For Collins, the most amazing thing to her about Pilates is the mind-body connection it provides, which she says anyone can do. "The mind/body aspect of this workout encourages a deep focus on muscle groups used, teaching proper form, mechanics and posture, beneficial for other activities and everyday life," she says. "Not to mention it lifts your booty and tones your core in ways no other workout has ever done for me!"

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