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Sweet Science Fitness Creates Fighters Without The Fight

By Pamela Sosnowski

Just a few years ago Marty Hill was working a corporate career as an executive search consultant. Today, thanks to the recession, he's living his dream teaching boxing and helping others get fit and gain confidence in his own gym, Sweet Science Fitness, which he opened in 2009.

"While being in my corporate career as an executive search consultant for one of Atlanta's top search firms, I started teaching and training the sport of boxing at one of Atlanta's local gym franchises," he recalls.

"Being a lifelong fan of the sport, my passion grew rapidly. In 2009 at the height of the recession, I left my corporate position to pursue new opportunities. While deciding what was going to be my next career track, I decided to follow my passion for teaching boxing and developed the Sweet Science Fitness brand."

Hill now teaches boxing to the very people he may have crossed paths with had he stayed in the corporate world; Atlanta's business elite and corporate professionals are among his clients. But he also teaches women and children in addition to the average person that wish to learn boxing in a clean, safe, and non-intimidating environment. "Gain the Fitness of a Fighter Without the Fight" is his gym's motto, and Hill proudly states that Sweet Science Fitness is one of the few Atlanta boxing clubs that only focuses on boxing, not mixed martial arts or kickboxing.

As a sport, boxing is a total body workout that can help a person burn up to 1,000 calories in one hour of training. While improving aerobic and anaerobic conditioning, endurance, and strength, it also fine-tunes one's eye-hand coordination and fosters self-discipline. And one doesn't have to be a grown-up to reap the benefits. "All ages can learn the sport of boxing!" Hill exclaims. "When someone walks through our doors we inform them there is no age in our environment; there are only boxers!"

In addition to the regular classes, Sweet Science Fitness offers a boxing boot camp, its most popular class, as it incorporates jump ropes, focus mitts, heavy bags, and core exercises. Hill and his staff also teach Cardioboxfit, a hybrid of a boxing workout and aerobics class combined into one. Hill describes it as "Tae Bo on steroids."

Besides getting fit, Hill wants his clients to have fun and to realize that boxing is still very much a relevant sport for today's age. "Our goal is to educate people on the fact that you don't have to join an old style "ROCKY" boxing gym to learn the sport of boxing," he says. "We have taken the 'old school' boxing gym and added a more modern twist!"


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