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Step Up Your Spinning Game at Torq Cycle

By Pamela Sosnowski

Spinning or indoor cycling has become a very popular form of exercise at many national gyms during the past decade. Torq Cycle in Atlanta, however, gives spinning enthusiasts an opportunity to up their cycling game. Owned by husband and wife team Alex and Katie Martinez, Torq Cycle promises "an incredibly fun ride that challenges and an experience that brings enjoyment."

"We incorporate more classic indoor cycling movements and RPM parameters, and we use wattage as (an) energy output," explains co-founder and owner Katie Martinez. "While we are a bit more technical in our format, all of our rides are choreographed to the beat of the music which makes the ride enjoyable and fun and easy for folks new to cycling to get the hang of.

"We've been told many times over that our rides can be more technical, with greater focus on form, then some other spin studios in the area.

Torq Cycle consists of a single studio room containing 32 bikes, which Martinez says keeps the classes close-knit and more intimate. Classes are held in 35, 45, and 60-minute increments, and while the emphasis is on a cardiovascular workout and burning up to 500 calories in an hour, Torq Cycle also incorporates arm strength training using 2 or 3 pounds weights, to help create a balanced physique. Students are lent free cycling shoes that clip onto the pedals, ensuring a safer ride and better form. A cool-down session concludes each class.

Alex and Katie met in New York City where they both discovered their passion for indoor cycling and fitness. After relocating to Atlanta in 2013, Alex had left his career in corporate america to pursue fitness entrepreneurship. Katie made the switch from her human resources career to join Alex full-time in their new venture. Torq Cycle was opened in the west side of Atlanta in September 2014.

There are several benefits to making spinning a part of one's overall fitness routine. "The workout builds muscle endurance, supports heart health & increases our lungs capacity," says Martinez. "Your abs even get a workout! The upper body movement helps you keep your leg rhythm and together, this works your core eventually toning your abdomen.

Outside of the physical benefits, indoor cycling builds mental strength and helps to create a confidence in one's own fitness level as each rider can choose to go at their own pace." Martinez also suggests incorporating a low-impact workout like Pilates or yoga with a spinning regimen, to help keep muscles limber and build muscle.

Newbies to Torq Cycle can enjoy their first class for free, and the studio also offers several flexible membership packages to make it easy for anyone to reap the benefits of cycling on their own schedule and budget. Says Martinez, "We pride ourselves on creating an open and welcoming environment that fosters a strong community for riders of all different fitness levels."

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