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Some Like it Hot: Bikram Yoga Marietta

By Allison Wilson

Bikram yoga, or hot yoga as it is sometimes called, is known for its healing abilities for the body and mind. In fact, before coming to America, Bikram Choudhury, the founder of Bikram Yoga, used to work with people individually, teaching them postures in a personalized "prescription" for their specific conditions. Bikram realized that he was limited working one-on-one with his patients and wanted to devise a way to help more people. This idea led him to put together the 26-posture sequence now known as Bikram Yoga.

"The Bikram yoga series helps cure and prevent most conditions," says Naedra Fox, Director of Bikram Yoga Marietta. "It's also considered to be appropriate for all levels, as Bikram designed the class to be approachable for beginners and even those suffering with injuries. In other words, anyone can do it! Both seasoned athletes as well as people who are trying to get in shape will be challenged and rewarded by practicing this yoga series, which promotes mental peace and clarity among other things."

Bikram Yoga Marietta offers classes and private lessons. Classes are 90 minutes and guide students through the 26 postures in a heated room. The heat increases circulation and calories burned, has a detoxing effect, and prevents injury by making the muscles more malleable.

Bikram Yoga Marietta has become known for its diverse student body - with people of all ages, races, body sizes, religions, and backgrounds practicing daily, Fox says.

"People come to Bikram Yoga Marietta because they want to feel their best and have realized that physically, mentally and emotionally, this yoga makes everything better!" Fox says. "They also come because of the welcoming, nonjudgmental space that we have created, in which our students feel safe to let their hair down and just be themselves. We believe this yoga is for everyone and our studio is living proof. We also have a talented staff of only certified Bikram instructors that can be counted on to lead classes that will uplift, inspire and challenge the participants."

Several times a year, the studio hosts a Bikram Yoga Challenge to help motivate students to create a space for more yoga in their lives with the support of the entire studio community. The challenge encourages students to take 40 classes in 60 days or 60 classes in 60 days. All the challenges start and end on the same day, so everyone does them together. Each participant gets a calendar to post on the challenge wall so they can mark their progress.

"Many friendships get built during the challenge as fellow challengers come to know one another and support and encourage each other to come to class, and the participants build and strengthen characteristics within themselves such as their willpower and determination as they stick to their goals," Fox says. "They also tend to tone up and lose any needed weight, which are considered nice perks. Many discoveries and 'aha moments' occur during the challenge, and at the end, the studio hosts a big party with a recognition ceremony, where each challenger gets a medal and has the opportunity to share those aha moments and what the challenge meant for them. It's always an inspiring evening."

Bikram Yoga Marietta also hosts potlucks, benefit classes, outdoor classes during the hotter months, hiking excursions, and lectures and workshops by senior yoga instructors and yoga champions.

Bikram Yoga Marietta is located at 80 Powers Ferry Road in Marietta, GA.

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