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Radiant Wellness Nutrition and Yoga Deveops The Three Factions Of Health: Mind, Body, And Spirit

By Elisha Neubauer

Jenna Pritchard recognized from a very young age that the body, mind, and spirit all have to work together in order to attain optimal health. She realized that by only addressing one of the three factions, healing was limited.

As an adult, Pritchard wanted to help others achieve their own optimal health by coaching others on how to facilitate healing between all three factions. It was because of that desire that Pritchard launched Radiant Wellness Nutrition and Yoga. The business began its journey in 2011 in San Diego, California before moving to Griffin, Georgia.

"I love working on all parts of our being for healing and restoration and helping others to see that it is possible to be happy and peaceful," Pritchard said.

Pritchard credits her teaching style to her belief in the power of true yoga. She coaches her students to understand that yoga is more than just a physical practice, there's so much more to it, but that it is important to master the basics of the physical side in order to prepare for the deeper benefits. She also offers nutrition consultations to help people nurture and sustain healthy living.

"I teach how breath work (or proper breathing) calms and restores the nervous system, while also preparing us for meditation and deeper work," Pritchard said. "It is a system of healing, of moving from inside the head, to moving energy through the body, to accessing the deep wisdom within."

Radiant Wellness Nutrition and Yoga makes an effort to ensure their clients feel comfortable and safe within their walls. Pritchard herself strives to welcome those into her safe-space who have dealt with serious issues throughout their lives.

"I have experienced trauma, violent sexual abuse, addictions, PTSD, and more," Pritchard said.

She uses these experiences to better herself, drawing upon her own strengths and methods of healing in a way that allows her to understand and help others that are going through similar challenges.

"I love people and truly care about the well-being of each client, student, and human being that I have the honor of working with. I put my heart into what I do and I think that comes through," Pritchard said.

Encouraging women to experience the harbor she has worked hard to build, Pritchard offers Women's Healing Circles. These healing circles give women a safe space where they can express themselves without judgement or gossip. They are simply listened to, without pushback or grimace.

"It's about lifting each other up without the competition and jealousy that is so prevalent in our society," Pritchard said. "Each woman has a chance to share what is going on in her life if she wishes."

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