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Physician Turned Meditation Instructor Jill Wener Continues to Help People Get Healthy

By Pamela Sosnowski

Jill Wener knows first-hand about the transformative power of meditation. After more than a decade practicing internal medicine, her high stress career began to take a toll on her physical and emotional well-being, an ironic turn for someone whose job helps people feel healthy. Then she discovered Vedic meditation, leading her on a journey to India to learn more about the ancient practice's roots and inspiring her to make a career change. Today, the former physician is an Atlanta-based Vedic meditation instructor, helping hundreds of students shed stress and gain clarity of mind.

"Once I learned Vedic meditation and experienced its benefits, I quickly realized that so many of the physical and mental health issues I was seeing every day at work would be so much better if people learned to meditate," she said. "I try to bring my medical background into my teaching whenever it is relevant, and I also remember what life was like before I started meditating, so I can relate to people who are really stressed and burned out."

She's also helping to shatter the notion that meditation requires chanting while sitting cross-legged on a mountaintop. Vedic meditation, which originated in India over 5,000 years ago, is actually quite effortless and achievable, even for those that believe they cannot meditate. It can be practiced anywhere, as long as you're sitting and your back is supported. You can use a mantra that helps you transcend your thoughts and find peace.

Regularly practicing Vedic meditation can improve sleep, help you bring your "A game" to your workouts, and reduce stress levels and therefore its accompanying hormone, cortisol, which has been linked to several health conditions.

"Stress contributes to just about every physical and mental health condition I can think of," Wener said. "If it's not directly causing the illness, it affects how people adjust to living with the illness and its symptoms. The health benefits of a regular meditation practice, in particular Vedic meditation, are countless."

Before her journey to India, Wener never even considered teaching meditation, but was encouraged by her own instructor. She then trained for two years and completed three months of teacher training in India before offering her teaching services in April 2016.

She teaches a 90-minute Introduction to Vedic Meditation class in Atlanta as well as a four-day class. She leads a group meditation twice a month that many of her students attend. She also recently developed a six-month intensive program called Conscious Health Ally, designed for people with stress-related illnesses and symptoms.

"The foundation of Conscious Health Ally is Vedic meditation, and it also incorporates coaching on the mind-body connection and how it relates to suffering, improved communication with clients' western medical teams, and referrals to trusted alternative practitioner," she said. "I'm so excited about this program and love seeing how meditation can help people with their health issues."

As a teacher, Wener gives each student individual attention and her enthusiasm for her new lifestyle shows in each class.

"I'm ridiculously passionate about what I do, so I think that comes through when I teach," she said. "My students have told me that they appreciate that I am patient with them, that I don't judge them if they stumble, and that I teach with a sense of humor."

You can register for Wener's next introductory Vedic meditation class by visiting her website at

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