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Paul Marcus Photos Turns Ordinary Photographs into Artwork

By Elisha Neubauer

Richard Monyer has always loved photography. But, instead of just attending classes and workshops to learn his passion, Monyer turned to books and magazines, online articles, and practice...lots and lots of practice.

It was this practice and application of his passion that honed his skills and led to the decision that would change his launch Paul Marcus Photos.

Taking his own middle name and the name of one of his sons, Monyer created Paul Marcus, a company that focused on the stunning results that come from the devotion and love he felt for the practice. His adoration for the activity shone through in every photo he snapped, quickly creating an impressive clientele roster for the business. "I've always loved how a photograph captures, freezes, and records a moment in time," Monyer explains. "It's just amazing. That moment can never be had again as it's GONE. But with a photograph, it was recorded."

Monyer pours his heart and soul into every photograph, which translates through the image. He enjoys seeing his customers happy, brought to tears by the beauty of the representation he lays before them. But its more than just stunning images that play a part in why his clients are so dedicated. "It's definitely our personality, attention to detail, and our desire to make our clients visions come to life," states Monyer.

It is for this reason that Monyer claims they stay away from the typical 'cookie cutter' images. He wants to provide photographs that show the client's personality, their own spark. "It's easy to be a part of the herd," Monyer details. "It's more difficult and unique to be an individual or trend setter. We want clients that don't want to go to the MALL or to the popular photography business that EVERYBODY goes to."

While the Paul Marcus Photos portfolio is expansive, covering a wide span of events and styles, they do tend to put a focus on a few specialty areas. According to Monyer, they consider themselves specialized in the areas of wedding photography, individual portraits, and fitness photography.

Although these are their true areas of expertise, they are not lacking equal skill sets in the other areas, and also offer commercial photography (buildings, lobbys, rooms, etc), fashion shows, events, glamour, boudoir, high school portraits, and corporate head shots.

In addition to high quality photographs, the studio focuses on offering the very best in wall art, albums, and coffee table books - either for home or office. They don't worry about the sheets of 5x7s, or the cut out wallet shots. Instead, they ensure that each print is something you'll want to display grandly in your home, office, or website. "If you are interested in "cookie cutter" sheets of 5x7's and 8x10's we wouldn't be the best fit for you," Monyer exclaims.

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