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Your Home Insurance- Are You Covered?: An Interview with John G. Hughes of Northside Insurance

By John G. Hughes

Tell us a little bit about your company and the services you offer.

We are located at 3200 Riverside Dr. in the North 75 Office Park, Macon, Georgia 31210. Our company was founded by Paul Cunningham as an offshoot of Northside Mortgage Inc. Paul eventually sold Northside Mortgage to a Banking concern, in April of 2014 Hughes-Davis Insurance purchased the insurance division from Mr. Cunningham. Hughes-Davis Ins. Owners and employees have over 50 years combined experience in Personal lines as well as Commercial insurance. We can offer coverage through several different insurance carriers, such as; Mercury, Universal, Foremost, Travelers, The Hartford, Safeco, and many other standard carriers and several non-standard carriers as well.

In your opinion, what is the most important thing for a homeowner to know about home insurance coverage?

To make sure that they have adequate coverage to replace their home as well as their contents and personal belongings. So many people just want to carry enough coverage to satisfy their Mortgage.

How would you define having the right home insurance policy?

It will need to be with a carrier that has at the very least an A rating, with one of the insurance rating companies. The policy should be the best form available for your type home. HO-5 is generally consider to be the best coverage, this form is usually reserved for homes with a value of $250.000 or greater and the age of the home usually needs to be 25 years old or less. The HO-5 will give the homeowner replacement cost coverage for their house and contents and in with most carriers the coverage is consider to be all risk.( some companies are now limiting the replacement coverage to a maximum of 20% greater than the coverage limit). The HO-3 form is for the home where the value is from $75,000 and above and will provide coverage on most perils with only a few exclusions which are named in the policy jacket. This form provides 50% of coverage A limits for the homeowner contents as a standard with the option of increasing that limit if needed.

Which brings us to the Form HO-8- this form is for the older home or the home that has an open foundation, This policy provide the same types of coverage as the HO-3 with the exception of very limited coverage for water damage and theft . there is also a form HO-4 which is more commonly referred to as a renters policy. The final Homeowner policy form is HO-6 which is written on condominiums and provides coverages for the part of the home that is owned by the insured.

What is the first step people can take to make sure they are adequately covered?

Ask their agent or potential agent for an insurance review of all their coverages, this is a service that most insurance agencies provide and most have considerable knowledge in determining the value and replacement costs of an insured home.

Can you briefly describe what replacement cost coverage is?

Replacement cost coverage is the cream of the crop, it will replace the contents of you home with current replacement value of the damage or stolen property. (example, Insured Television is damaged by lightning and is beyond repair, the TV is a 20 year old model the replacement cost clause will provide a replacement of a TV that is of modern design and of the value and quality comparable to the damaged TV). The type of coverage is very desirable and is also available on house as well under the HO-5 policy.

Are there certain types of coverage that homeowners typically under or over insure?

Referring back to question #2 I think that so many people under estimate the value of their home and what it truly means to their families. Insured that want to carry only enough coverage to satisfy the amount owned on the house are in a lot of cases vastly under insuring their house and will be devastated if they have a fire or the house is destroyed in a storm.

What is the best way for people to contact you and your company?

By phone the primary number is 478-787-6919 by fax 478-254-2475 by email or our website is

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