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Moving Day Tips: An Interview with Jonathan Greer of Big League Movers

By Jonathan Greer

Please describe a little bit about your company and the services you offer.

Big League Movers is a customer-driven moving company with a lot of heart!

Here's how it all began. After a successful stint handling small moves around the University of Memphis campus for friends and students, founder Steve Reed realized that all the word-of-mouth attention his services were receiving was worth creating a formal business.

So in 2008, Steve recruited a few more friends to join in his mission to be a marketplace-leading moving company that people would gladly invite into their homes to take stress out of moving. With former college baseball players filling most of the lineup, Big League Movers was born.

After just three years in business, Steve expanded from just the Memphis headquarters and opened an Atlanta branch with one of Big League's top movers ? Jeff Coletta.

Today, Big League Movers is a full-service company handling packing, unpacking, labor-only loading/unloading, inner-home/office moving, furniture delivery, material sales, and, of course, moving. We gladly serve both residential and commercial clients.

When should I start packing for my move? Do I need to have everything packed before the movers show up?

We suggest you start the move process as soon as possible. Filtering out unwanted items by donating them to a worthy cause or holding a garage sale is a great first step.

On move day, we want you to sit back, pop some popcorn, and enjoy the show ? let us do all the heavy lifting. We know there are a lot of stresses that go along with moving before we arrive onsite, so we advise putting some of that burden on us.

We are "Moving's Heavy Hitter" and our goal is to knock your moving experience out of the park!

Should I take an inventory of all my belongings so I make sure everything arrives at my new home?

Inventory can be completed before or after packing. Not only is this list a great reference when you are trying to get quotes from multiple companies, but it will help on move day, as well. A room-by-room inventory acts like a site map for our crew leaders as they navigate items to the correct rooms at your new destination. This will make the whole process go much smoother.

Is there anything I should make sure to set up in my new home before I make the move?

Our movers bring everything we need to get the job done right, but we do ask that you walk through the new house upon our arrival to notify us of any special concerns and considerations.

How do I make sure there is a parking space available for the truck at my old and new home?

We ask our clients about parking access at both locations at the beginning of our process because we want to put together the best game plan possible. Our crew leaders are trained to analyze and use the best point of access possible. A courteous knock on your neighbor's door goes a long way when space is tight and we always suggest this when necessary.

When should I turn off the electricity in my old home?

You should schedule your electricity turn off for immediately after the closing is completed for the home you are selling. Similarly, make sure you've made arrangements for electricity to be turned on in your new home as soon as that closing is finalized. We don't want anyone left in the dark!

Should I provide helpers for the movers?

Occasionally in our business people want to help in the moving process and we allow you to help as much as you want, though we have experienced that in some cases this can slow our guys down. We prefer ? and most of our clients do, too ? that you leave the hard work and heavy lifting to us. Our goal is for you to get the full value of the service we provide.

What are some other things I can do to make sure my move runs as smoothly as possible?

A good thing you can do to make the move go smoothly is to have your boxes labeled with the contents and their final destination. Be sure to label "fragile" with arrows showing how the box should sit without harming the items inside. This will not only save you time on move day, but it will also save time for you when we/you are unpacking and putting items away.

What is the best way for people to get in contact with you?

Give us a call to discuss your move or schedule a free on-site estimate at 404-984-3166. You can also reach us through live chat on our website at, or send any inquiries via email to

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