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Mission: Escape Atlanta Offers Players A Break From Technology and a Chance to Engage With Each Other

By Pamela Sosnowski

At a time when American society seems addicted to technology and being constantly connected online, one Atlanta business offers a fun opportunity to put down the smartphone and become engaged with others in person for an hour.

Like a mystery board game brought to life, Mission: Escape Atlanta brings adults together in an interactive game of wits and creativity. Your group is locked inside an interactive puzzle room for 60 minutes and have to work together to escape. Although the facility opened only two years ago, the innovative concept is taking off with glowing reports from CNN, Business Insider, and Tripadvisor.

"I think escape games have become so popular because it is the first truly interactive form of entertainment," says Kyle Rubis, Mission: Escape Atlanta's Owner. "In these games, you are a part of the entertainment instead of a passive observer, which is totally different from what we are used to."

Mission: Escape Atlanta players have two game scenarios to choose from: The Study and The Hotel. In the Study, players have to infiltrate a billionaire cat burglar's estate to take back a stolen jewel while in the The Hotel players pretend they are guests at a mysterious hotel being held against their will.

Each game encourages participants to rely on uncovering clues and effective communication in order to escape their "fate." Games can accommodate between three and ten players, and the cost is $33 per adult (players 17 years old and younger must be accompanied by an adult.) With a success rate of only between 15 and 20 percent, the games are challenging.

Rubis conceived of opening Mission: Escape Atlanta after playing a similar game. "I played with my brother, my sister, and my brother-in-law and we had the most fun we have had together as adults," he recalls.

"The experience was definitely unforgettable and something that we could not stop talking about. We spent most of the night talking about the different puzzles and challenges that we had just experienced and how unique and exciting they were. On our way home the next day, we decided it was something we wanted to bring to Atlanta because at the time, there was not anything like it."

Both rooms must be booked online ahead of time. Neither game is physically challenging nor scary, which makes them appealing to a wide range of players. One of the benefits of Mission: Escape Atlanta is sometimes getting to meet new people by being placed in the room with another small group. "Most people think of playing with strangers as a negative thing, but most groups I have seen play together go in as strangers but end up having a blast and occasionally even make friends out of the experience," says Rubis.

The venue has been gaining popularity with businesses who use it for corporate team-building events. Even for those attending with friends or family members, the games are just plain fun and a refreshing way to take a break from today's connected world.

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