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Mental and Physical Balance Achieved at Fayetteville's Only Dedicated Yoga Studio

By Kelly Church

At The Yoga Loom, guests can experience an intimate yoga setting, focused on getting balance back in each person's life. The Fayetteville, GA yoga studio is nestled in the city's historic district and is decorated with brick, soft pastels, hand painted ceramics, Central American woven blankets and more for a inviting, soothing atmosphere.

Owner, Alva Clemons says The Yoga Loom is a place where people can come to relax and feel renewed. She wanted to give Fayetteville residents a place to regain mental and physical health, and a regular yoga practice gels the two together.

"Yoga is the union of mind and body," Clemons says. "So, while your body gets a great workout, so does your mind. Many yoga postures can be transferred to many other forms of exercise; the gym workout, group fitness classes and home exercise plans and even everyday activities. Yoga is a great workout because there is no competition factor. You move at your pace, at your level, challenging yourself as much or as little as you'd like."

Clemons says that when a new client comes to The Yoga Loom, they can expect a warm welcome and guidance in class. Instructors put an emphasis on the individual, even though classes are for groups. The instructors have plenty of experience and modify classes and poses to fit each person's needs. Clemons says some instructors even give homework to help improve their guests' yoga practice. They understand that no person is perfect in their yoga practice.

There is a beginner's yoga class on The Yoga Loom schedule that focuses on the foundation of yoga. This class is held at a slower pace so guests can gain confidence in their yoga practice before moving on to more challenging classes and poses. Other classes include yoga flow, heated yoga flow, intermediate yoga, power flow and a rhythm flow that incorporates some more athletic movements. There are also mat pilates classes, stretching classes, Yin and Restorative classes, and a class called Pound that incorporates light resistance with simulated drumming motions.

The Yoga Loom is all about balance and the different class types that may seem unusual for a traditional yoga studio feeds into that balance. The company's website says that just "as night balances day in nature, The Yoga Loom balances the practice of yoga with traditional and non-traditional aerobic activities." So, when Clemons designed her schedule that offers up to 18 yoga classes each week, she made something for every person and every body, covering whatever needs they may have.

"In today's world, we experience an enormous amount of daily stress," Clemons says. "Work, family, volunteering and other duties keep us moving a mile a minute. Oftentimes, we forget to take care of ourselves. The Yoga Loom staff helps to keep each student strong in mind, body and spirit. We truly believe that our sanctuary is a space to help release any anxieties, tension or stress, taking a deep breath in and letting it all go."

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