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Macon Proves Tent Rentals for Special Events Have Many Advantages

By S. Mathur

As humans have known for millennia, tents give you mobility and let you choose where to set up at any given time. Of course, the tents used nowadays for weddings, concerts and other events, with their decor options, dance floors, stages and more, are a far cry from those used by nomadic herders. But they share the advantage of mobility.

Brian Corrigan says that the primary benefit of using tents to host events, versus halls, is "Location. Location. Location. The benefits of renting a tent versus a venue include the aesthetic attractiveness of custom designed interior space as well as the openness to the natural surroundings. But the greatest benefit is the ability to bring your event to your space, be that a wedding on a memorable family property or a corporate grand opening on site of a new facility."

Another major advantage is that the decor can be customized for the event. Tented space also has the advantage of flexibility. It can be expanded and contracted to accommodate the number of guests and the planned activities, such as dancing, staging, food stations, furniture seating, etc. It's rarely smooth sailing from the point of view of the installers, though.

Corrigan explains that "Occasionally we arrive on a prospective site visit to find a property with a gorgeous flat lawn designed for entertaining guests. More times than not, the "perfect" spot that a client has envisioned for their event can be incredibly challenging from a design, access and installation perspective."

A recent tricky installation, says Corrigan, was for a wedding reception with two hundred guests in a turn of the century stone garden with a water channel running through the center of the space. To add to the difficulty, was no truck access to the site. The installers decided to set up a series of narrow frame tents along the water channel, overlapping the rockwork and even into the water. These accommodated a band stage, dance floor and seating. An entryway was built over the bridge to create a grand entrance for the couple. This creative solution resulted in a spectacular setting and memories for a lifetime.

Tent rentals have become increasingly popular with a surge in farmstyle and barn weddings. They are also a popular choice for collegiate events, weddings, churches, and corporate and non-profit functions like employee luncheons, recognition events and milestone celebrations. Corrigan says that the most important consideration when choosing tent rentals is reliability: "Get a referral from a close friend or a trusted colleague. Ask to go see an existing event installation. Take a tour of the warehouse to see not only the rental products in the showroom, but also those on the shelf that will likely be installed for your event."

Macon Tent Rentals actually does very well in the trusted and reliable category, serving events across the state. Based primarily the middle Georgia area, MTR clients have been regulars for years and rely on them for all jobs big or small.

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