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Listening To The Body Produces Amazing Results At Connected Body Therapy

By S. Mathur

At Connected Body Therapy in Atlanta GA, the combination of careful listening and powerful techniques produce amazing results for people suffering from chronic pain. Owner and therapist Susan Powell practices bodywork that is much more than massage, though that is an element of the treatment. Powell begins with listening to each client, looking not for a list of ailments but to find that part of the body that needs help right away.

Using her hands, Powell finds the lines of tension in the body and identifies the areas that need work immediately. Finding the right area is the key to a successful treatment. Powell does this by listening to the body and treating it as a single system, because everything is connected.

"If a client presents with back pain and I get a listening to their big toe I work the big toe," she said. "I will also work the back if it's appropriate and I have time, but the most important thing I have learned over 17 years of experience is to work in the area that the body says to work. I have never regretted doing that."

Susan Powell

The treatment combines visceral manipulation, craniosacral therapy and myofascial release. Powell has also studied Swedish massage, advanced sports massage, neuromuscular therapy, and Russian medical massage and muscle energy technique. Powell considers the best techniques to be those that are gentle on the therapist as well as the client.

"I have a strict pain free philosophy with my work and it's important to me that the techniques I choose are respectful of the body and do not impose any pain into the system," Powell said. "And my 3rd requirement for 'best' technique status is that they must be wildly effective. If it doesn't produce amazing results, then what's the point?"

The results speak for themselves and quite often Powell can end chronic pain after just three or four sessions, even when clients have been living with that condition for years. Powell practices out of her home office, which is an inviting and comfortable space.

"Clients often remark on the fact that they feel more relaxed as soon as they enter the space, and many report this effect the moment they lie down on my table," she said. "I've had clients who have had pain for years ask if it is normal to feel like crying almost immediately, and I assure them that it is not unheard of. They feel an immediate sense of relief and support in my space and sometimes that can bring up emotions."

Powell offers a 15-Minute Pain-Free session for new clients who are not sure about what Connected Body Therapy involves. She uses the time to listen to the body, offer the client some recommendations, and provide a brief demonstration of techniques that will be used.

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