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Life University Helps Students in Their Pursuit of Disruptive Social Innovation

By Elisha Neubauer

Not all people are alike, and therefore, not all educations should be alike. This is one of the defining concepts behind LIFE University, located in Marietta, Georgia. With the motto, 'Don't just get an education, discover your purpose' plastered across their homepage, Life University is at the forefront of the vitalistic health revolution, encouraging each and every one of their students to break boundaries across the health and wellness industry.

"At Life University, we pride ourselves on being unique," states Will Brooks, Communications Coordinator for Life University. "We are primarily known for our Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) program, the largest single campus DC program in the world. However, we also offer 14 undergraduate and 4 graduate degrees in the health sciences."

The University has deep roots in the concept of Vitalism -- a philosophy of health that recognizes the body's innate ability to self-develop, self-maintain and self-heal. "Basically, it's the idea that our bodies don't need much help to perform at their optimal potentials, they just need to avoid any negative interferences (environmental toxins, stress, injury, processed foods, etc.)," says Brooks. "By looking at life through this lens of vitalistic health, our students gain a respect for the complexities of the body and its amazing capabilities."

In addition to encouraging academic pursuits, Life University believes in teaching and encouraging a willingness and desire to serve the community and fellow man. "This attitude stems from the recognition that everyone has been given certain gifts, and as citizens in the world community, it is our duty 'To Give, To Do, To Love, To Serve' out of our own abundance," explains Brooks. "It's what we call Lasting Purpose."

While the University is known primarily for its Doctor of Chiropractic Program, it is also the location of several unique, highly sought after degrees in other fields. "Our Nutrition program, recently ranked in the top 50 nutrition programs in the U.S. by Public Health Online, offers a hands-on education in the science, sustainability, and making of food through five robust programs in the fields of nutrition and dietetics," Brooks says.

"Our Dietetic Internship program is also one of a handful in Georgia. Our positive psychology programs seek to engender a world in which people act out of an awareness of our common humanity, innate potential and inherent interdependence."

For those attending Life University, the campus offers so much more than just academic work. "As for student life at LIFE, we have more than 80 clubs and organizations from which students can choose," Brooks details. These include everything from sports clubs and nutrition clubs to a variety of chiropractic technique clubs. "There is something for everyone," he states.

"Our Campus Activities Board, Student Council, Student Ambassadors and other organizations regularly schedule and sponsor events." One such event is the quarterly LIFE Involvement Fair Experience. As Brooks describes it, "The event is basically a gathering of students, faculty, and staff to welcome new and returning students during the first week of the new quarter."

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