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Learn Through The Power of Reiki At Know Thyself Healing Center

By Elisha Neubauer

Philosophers like Socrates and the Oracle of Delphi have long stated the maxim "Know Thyself." The phrase even makes its appearance in the Bible. Paying homage to this belief, Know Thyself Healing Center in Senoia, Georgia, is the place within each of us where you can tap into to be healthier, happier human beings.

"In contemplating what to name my new business, I thought about what my life had really been all about to this point," Diana Charles, owner, said. "Know Thyself kept coming to the surface of my thoughts."

The focus of Charles' new business was to help others release their pain and suffering through the relaxing, balancing, spiritual practice of Reiki. Know Thyself seemed to be the most fitting name.

For those who enter the building, the Center is peaceful, calming, loving, and spiritual. The décor has been designed to evoke these emotions. The area features a perfectly blended mix of vibrant colors and muted tones, cushy meditation chairs, and padded Reiki tables. The facility's grounds offer shade beneath towering trees, sunny patches covered in wildflowers, and places to sit with a group or in solitary contemplation.

Charles' background suits her new career path perfectly. Having a BA in English and a Master's in Education, along with extensive experience as a high school and college teacher, she has a firm grasp on how people behave and respond towards learning processes.

"I know how learners learn, so I have structured my classes to model those principles to teach a maximum of material in a short amount of time," Charles said. "Lectures, discussions, demonstration, and hands on practice are all designed to keep the student interested, present, and actively engaged in their learning process."

For those looking to get started in the Reiki methods, Charles has a few pointers.

"Any person who sincerely wants to practice Reiki for self-healing or to lay hands on others, wants to find a Reiki Master who has been trained through a lineage that traces back to the founder of Reiki, Mikao Usui," she said.

It is important that this Master should be one who was taught in classes that are held in person (not on-line or from a self-study book). Likewise, they should teach their classes in person so that students are initiated to the full powers of Reiki healing.

"As the Reiki Master for sessions and classes at Know Thyself Healing Center, I am personally committed to fulfilling this professional and spiritual mandate," Charles said.

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