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Why You Should Go Local When It Comes to Your Move: An Interview with Two Men and a Truck

By Kristen Bosse

Please describe a little bit about your company and the services you offer.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK is the first and largest franchise-based moving company in the United States. We take pride in being the "Movers Who Care." We provide local and long-distance moving services and can assist anyone no matter how little or how much they are looking to move. We also offer packing services and sell boxes and other move-related products to make the entire process as easy as possible.

What is your position at Two Men and a Truck?

My wife, Brooke, and I are the Franchisees for the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK locations in Stockbridge and College Park. We also own and operate 3 franchise units in North Carolina and 1 in Bethesda, MD. We have another location scheduled to open in Columbia MD in April of 2014.

In general, what are some of the benefits of utilizing a local moving company?

The biggest benefit is convenience. All of our Movers are professionally trained and are equipped with the proper equipment to move pretty much anything, large or small. Because we are in and out of Customers' homes and handling all of the possessions, we also feel that it is critical that we are sending the right people in their homes, each and every time. That is why we perform criminal background checks on all of our employees and we operate a Drug-Free workplace. That gives our Customers peace of mind each time we work with them.

How far in advance should I start preparing for my move?

We typically recommend that once your house is on the market, go ahead and call us and schedule a free, no obligation, on-site consultation. That will allow us to provide you an estimate in writing and a worst case, or Binding-Not-To-Exceed estimate. Once that is complete, we can also refer you to one of or partners, a professional staging company, who can help you get your home ready to sell. Once that step is complete, we recommend calling us 2-3 weeks before your closing date to actually book your move. If you are planning to pack yourself, I would also highly recommend starting the process at this point. If you are utilizing our packing process, then you simply need to decide what and if everything in your home is being moved. We will typically pack 1-2 days before the Big Day (if we are packing) and then everything will be boxed and ready to go on Move Day.

What are some of the most common mistakes made during the moving process?

Not allowing enough time to pack. Our professional crew members can typically pack an entire house (depending on square footage) in a single day. For the average person, it typically takes 2 weeks plus because a) they are not as familiar with the process, and b) because many items have sentimental value and thus can cause distractions throughout the packing process. Another mistake often made is not providing sufficient lead time when scheduling your move. A reputable Mover may be book 2+ weeks out. You also do not want to select your Mover based on cost alone. While it can be an important factor, the old cliché "You get what you paid for" usual holds true in the Moving industry. If there is a company whose rate(s) are significantly cheaper than everyone else's, then it's almost a certainty that they are nor carrying ample coverage for your belongings and their crew members are likely not covered under any sort of Workers Compensation coverage. If any bad happens, you could be liable?

What do you consider extra services and how much do you charge for them?

Actually our rates in the state of Georgia are all-inclusive. Again, referring to the aforementioned cost concern, our rate(s) for local service (50 miles are less) are charged on an hourly basis and are priced by weight and mileage for moves that are greater than 50 miles from Point A to Point B. If you are moving into or out of a home with stairs, an elevator, or a long walk, it may add additional time to the service(s) but there are no extra charges associated with those factors.

Can you give us an example of a strange or a tough situation you have had to deal with while moving a customer in the past couple years?

Our Movers all take great pride in their work and also in their trucks. Not only is it their means of providing service(s) to all of our Customers but it is also a rolling billboard visible by thousands every day on the streets. A tough situation for any Moving company is what is safe and not safe for our trucks. Our trucks are 13'6" and low hanging objects such as tree branches and low bridges can cause lots of damage! We always recommend that if you have a question as to whether our truck can make it safely to and from your home, call us and let us take a look. Some homes are "guarded" by lots of trees. While this provides privacy and shade during the hot summer days, it also can create havoc on your Move Day. If we cannot get reasonable close to your house, then we might not be able to assist in your move. So, be sure to trim your trees and bushes on a regular basis!!!

What specific qualities should a customer look for in a qualified and reliable moving company?

Reputation usually speaks volumes about Movers. If you have friends who have used a particular Mover and they have all had positive experiences, then that Mover is probably a good choice. The reputable companies will also provide you all of their rate(s) in writing and provide you with a worst case, or Binding-Not-To-Exceed price for your service(s). Always avoid companies who do not have their own trucks (and use only rentals) as they may not be registered with the Georgia Public Service Commission and beware of companies who only accept cash as a payment. Reputable Movers will accept major credit cards, debit cards, and of course, cash.

What is the best way for people to get in contact with you?

We can be reached by phone or via email six days a week. One of our Move Consultants can help guide through the entire moving process from beginning to end. Look us up on the web at and that will provide information to reach us by phone and email.

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