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Planning Ahead for Your Move: An Interview with B&B Movers

By Kristen Bosse

Please describe a little bit about your company and the services you offer.

B&B Movers is a full service residential and commercial moving company that was founded by President/CEO, Barbara Billingsley in 1996 after the tragic death of her husband. The company offers a full turnkey service ranging from packing to unpacking services, home and office moving services and internal furniture rearrangement. We also sell a wide variety of packing and moving boxes and supplies.

How did you get into this line of work?

Ms. Billingsley started the company after the death of her husband in 1996; however I began working part-time with the company while attending college at Georgia State University in 1999 and became full-time upon graduating.

Do you believe that moving services are truly necessary for the average homeowner?

Moving services are truly necessary for the average homeowners. People are constantly selling and purchasing new homes and therefore they need movers to relocate their precious belongings from origin to their final destination without any damages and/or problems. Movers help homeowners save time, energy and potential back problems by literally taking over and moving the heavy physical burden and load of moving.

What do you consider extra services and how much do you charge for them?

Well we offer a variety of services and it all depends all what the client's needs are. Most people simply want to get moving services only; however we offer packing services, unpacking services and trash removal/dumping services as well. Cost is contingent upon each client's demands/requests and inventory.

What sets your moving services apart from competition in your area?

First, B&B Movers is different from our competition because it is a female owned organization in a male dominated industry. Secondly, we are accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating and employ fully trained staff members who have gone through our orientation and training process. Also in all of our 16 years of existence, we have never received a complaint through the Georgia Department of Public Safety, the governing body of legal and licensed movers in the state of Georgia. We strive for excellence and achieve significance by placing the importance on superb customer service.

Can you give us an example of a strange or a tough situation you have had to deal with while moving a customer in the past couple years?

Over the last couple of years we have had to deal with a number of cases dealing with divorce and unfortunately we sometimes have been caught in the middle. We have been caught in the middle by default and the police have been called due to the other mate not wanting the one person to take items from the home.

How early should a homeowner contact a moving services company before the day of their move?

It's never too early to start planning for your move. I would recommend clients to contact a mover at least 1-2 months before your desired move date especially if you are moving during the summer months which are our peak season. Also the first of the month and end of the month are the days that fill up the quickest; therefore if a homeowner is considering moving around those days they definitely would want to schedule in advance.

What specific qualities should a customer look for in a qualified and reliable moving company?

First they need to make sure the company is licensed and legal in the state of Georgia by visiting the Georgia Department of Public Safety website. Here you can find all legal companies in Georgia. Secondly, check them out at the Better Business Bureau and various online review sites. You want to make sure the companies actually utilize employees and not temporary workers and/or day laborers. Also make sure the company is not subbing your move out to another company which could create havoc for you especially if you have no knowledge of this beforehand. Also simply ask your realtor, family and friends for any recommendations. Word of mouth advertising is still powerful and can help alleviate some of your concerns.

What are some common mistakes that homeowners make when hiring certain moving companies?

One of the biggest mistakes is not researching the company and simply choosing the cheapest mover. Just because a company comes up in your Google search does not mean that they are legal. Also cheap doesn't mean better. It might look cheaper or less costly upfront but you tend to pay more in the end because you have hired a company that isn't trained to provide proper moving services. Once this happens generally the homeowners items are damaged because the company didn't provide enough trained labor/guys to handle your move.

What is the best way for people to get in contact with you?

People can always contact B&B Movers, Inc. by calling 404-212-0819 or via email at You can also visit us online at our website or Like us on Facebook at

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