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Moving Without the Added Expense: An Interview with Atlanta Flat Rate Movers

By Kristen Bosse

Please describe a little bit about your company and the services you offer.

Atlanta Flat Rate Movers LLC was started in 2005 by Brandon Burrage and me, LaShunda Burrage, his wife. Prior to moving to Atlanta, Brandon and I lived in Houston, TX where Brandon was Branch Manager for a large moving company.

Moving is stressful without the added confusion of moving companies that add additional charges for everything under the sun. The services we offer are not unlike the services of other moving companies, but we are unique in our flat rate pricing.

We are licensed to perform local, long distance, residential, and commercial moves. We also offer packing and unpacking services.

What does your company name exactly mean? What is flat rate?

It means that we do the absolute best we can to insure the customer does not have a ton of additional expenses at the end of the move. Some customers may feel that we ask too many questions when they call in for a quote, but it's the only way to give an accurate quote that won't change midway through the move.

If you happen to break any furniture/belongings, will you pay for replacement?

The rules set forth by the state of Georgia call for the repair or replacement of items broken during the move up to a certain dollar amount. It is important for customers to know that the items they pack themselves are generally not covered by the carrier.

What do you consider extra services and how much do you charge for them?

All moves are different. Some clients need more help with their moves, some need less. All services are priced accordingly.

What sets your moving services apart from comparable companies?

We care. Often, by the time a customer calls us, they have had several bad experiences with other moving companies. No company can please every customer, but we do what is right by all of our customers according to the contract that is agreed upon.

How early should a homeowner contact a moving services company before the day of their move?

There are several factors that determine how far in advance a customer should schedule his or her move. These include the time of year, month, and week. Typically, in the summer, customers should give a moving company at least a three week notice. In the winter, this may not be necessary as people tend to move less in the colder months while school is still in. As far as time of month, the end of the month is the busiest; and Fridays and Saturdays are the most sought after days of the week.

What specific qualities should a customer look for in a qualified and reliable moving company?

It may sound cliché, but how the representative on the phone makes them feel means a lot. Are their questions easily answered? Are their calls returned within 24 hours? The Better Business Bureau is a great place to start when a customer is looking for a licensed, insured, and reputable moving company. I would warn against taking what is written on review sites at face value.

What are some common mistakes that homeowners make when hiring certain moving companies?

The number one mistake is not using a moving company because they require a deposit in order to be placed on their schedule. Companies that do not require an initial deposit have no obligation to show up on moving day. I would say that the second mistake would be assuming that certain aspects of their move are not worth mentioning. There is a big difference between 50 boxes and 100 boxes, one flight of stairs and two flights of stairs, or whether or not the storage unit is in a climate controlled building. Being up-front about the particulars of their moves can save them a lot of money and a headache.

What is the best way for people to get in contact with you?

Customers can call us directly at 678 354-FLAT (3528), or visit us on our website,, where they can complete a quote request form right there on the homepage.

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