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Guaranteed Peace of Mind for Your Family: An Interview with Ace Home Inspection, LLC

By Kristen Bosse

Please describe a little bit about your company and the services you offer.

Ace Home Inspection, LLC offers several services to people buying or selling a home. Our foremost service is the buyer's inspection which depending on the size of home and amenities covers 300 to 500 inspection points. These inspection points cover items from the foundation to the roof and many things in-between, also exterior items which directly affect the home structure such as grading and vegetation are also evaluated. The seller's inspection covers these exact same items. We also provide pool inspections, exterior building inspections, mold testing (with Lab report), Radon testing (with Lab report), Recall checks on appliances, water heaters and heating/cooling equipment, water test (with Lab report), warranty and single item inspections.

What is your position at Ace Home Inspection?


I see your website says inspectors in the state of Georgia do not need to be licensed. How do you think this has affected the Home Inspection industry in GA?

Personally speaking, I have no negative feedback from potential clients or clients in general as to the lack of licensing requirements by the state of Georgia. There was a strong effort a few years back by the Georgia chapter of the American Society of Home Inspectors for licensing and continuing education requirements for all home inspectors. The proposal made it to the Governor's desk for approval and he shot it down, stating (and I'm paraphrasing here), "There's enough government oversight in the Real Estate business, and the home buyer should be responsible and do their homework to find the most qualified home inspector." Sonny Perdue.

The overall effects of a lack of licensing may be that some home buyers/sellers forgo the home inspection process altogether because of a lack of faith in the industry, but that is just my speculation with no basis of empirical data.

As a seller, what are the benefits of receiving a quality inspection of your home? Couldn't this simply result in more expenses with problems found?

A seller's inspection is a double edge sword, on one hand the advance knowledge of a problem allows the home seller to rectify the problem in a timely manner, allowing for the seller to seek out the best options as to who fixes it, how much it may cost and the degree of repair they are willing to make. On the other hand, if I come through and find several items that are considered problematic and require repair or replacement, the seller is not obligated to fix the items but is required to disclose those items as part of the sale. If I'm selling my home, I would want to know what is wrong with my house so I could have it fixed rather than wait until I'm under a contract with a due diligence period of 10 days or less to make the necessary repairs or risk the loss of the sale of my home, especially in today's Real Estate market!

What is included in your basic home inspection package?

The basic package includes a full home inspection and report, with digital pictures and details of inspected areas, developed and printed on site for immediate review with the client. The report is presented in a handsome binder, which includes a free home maintenance book and several informational documents related to home ownership. A recall check on all kitchen appliances, water heater(s) and heating and cooling equipment. A 90 day warranty which covers up to $2000 in structural repairs and $1000 in mechanical repairs/replacement of any item that fails in the 90 days following the inspection. And a free termite letter is provided to the client (if needed), courtesy of Bug House Pest Control.

Is there ever a necessity to get your home inspected if you are not selling or buying a home?

If the home has not had an inspection in at least 10-15 years, it might be a good idea to have it inspected. Like a car, many of the components that comprise a home are designed with a service life, generally around 15 years. At that point we start to see things failing such as windows fogging up, insulation in the attic settles, water heaters start to rust, shingles lose their granules and get brittle, appliances fail etc. A home inspection may alert a homeowner of these things and save them from being blind-sided with unexpected expenses.

What is your goal for each customer at the start of each inspection?

My goal for the customer is to have confidence that they are getting a quality service from a competent inspector. They need to know that I only have their best interest while conducting the inspection and I'm working as hard as I know how to present the clearest picture of the condition of the home as possible.

What are the most common mistakes made in the home inspection process?

Lately, thanks to a certain TV personality on HGTV, I believe one area is unreal expectations on the part of buyers as to the depth and scope of a home inspection. As a home inspector I must be respectful of the property I am inspecting. I cannot go around pulling things apart, moving furniture around, busting holes in walls to identify possible problems. Another problem caused by some inspectors is over or under emphasizing problems discovered during the inspection process. All findings should be relayed in a manner that the client understands and not delivered in an emotional tone that scares the client or lulls them in to a sense of non-importance.

What makes your inspection services better/different than other comparable companies?

There are many home inspectors who are very proud of their companies and the services they provide, and they should be given the challenges of the past 7years in the Real Estate world. Anyone who has been able to hold on through this mess obviously knows what they're doing. In building Ace Home Inspection, I knew I wanted a company that would provide a service that I would be happy to receive. I would want to know that my inspector was formally trained in the entire home inspection process, not just someone who came from the trades and stuck a sign on their vehicle. I would want someone who, even though not required, spent the time and money to become certified and pass the National Home Inspection Exam. I would want an inspector who belonged to ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors) and Inter-NACHI (International Association of Home Inspectors). I would want an inspector who carries Errors and Omission insurance. I would want someone qualified in environmental areas such as mold and radon testing. I would like for my inspector to offer unique selling points such as a free warranty, a free termite inspection and a courtesy recall check on the equipment in my prospective home. I would like to leave the home inspection with a clear picture of the condition of my intended purchase in hand, in writing so I could move forward or reconsider. These are the things I would want, these are the things I feel are of real value, not trickery or marketing, but real substantive things, that's why my clients get all of this.

What's the best way for people to get in contact with you?

The easiest way is through my website, At the website there is more information about the inspection process and the client has the ability to get a price quote and book an inspection, plus you save $20 by booking through or schedule center. The other way is call the office directly at (478)954-9791 between the hours of 9am and 5pm, Monday-Saturday.

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