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Infinity Yoga Offers Classes in a Variety of Styles For Any Skill Level

By S. Mathur

From gentler yoga practices like Restorative and Yin yoga to more athletic and powerful ones like Infinity Flow or Heated Vinyasa, Infinity Yoga has a variety of styles.

Owner Becky Nickerson believes that this sets Infinity apart from the other yoga studios in the metro Atlanta region: "We believe yoga is for everyone and everyone is so different. Yoga is so adaptable there's a style and practice for everyone. One of the core principles of yoga is to create balance in the mind and the body and it works from the inside out."

There's even a special class of Yoga for Runners and Athletes class with dynamic stretches for strength and balance.

Classes are also offered at every level, from Beginners Yoga to Advanced Flow. The Yoga Basics class follows from Beginners and continues with foundational poses. This slow paced class helps newcomers to make the necessary alignments and adjustments to their poses. It's also a good class for those in recovery and rehabilitation.

At the other end of the spectrum is Infinity Flow, which is an an energetic dynamic class with music. It is open to all skill levels, though some knowledge of sun salutations helps. The classroom temperature is kept warm, at around 82-87 degrees.

Why is yoga such a great work out? Nickerson says that she actually considers it more of a work-in: "It's an incredibly comprehensive practice that addresses every nook and cranny in the body and mind so that you can move most efficiently and articulately; with strength and ease." Adding in meditation has benefits for health and mental concentration. She adds that meditation has been shown to decrease stress and anxiety, and to increase memory, compassion, concentration, and creativity.

Nickerson explains that the two key components of meditation are mindfulness and concentration. Yoga and meditation change your mind as well as your body. Nickerson says that "Yoga works on the physical level, the mental level, and the emotional level. The physical practice is a gateway to the deeper layers of ourselves.

When we start paying attention to how our body feels, we start to notice and become more aware of the things we eat, the things we say to ourselves, how we interact with other people, and we begin to uncover our life's purpose."

Connecting to themselves through mindfulness helps people connect to others more easily, and to move through their days more gracefully and skillfully. The beautiful setting is a calming and safe environment in which to practice yoga and make new friends.

The studio also offers yoga teacher training, yoga retreats and workshops, and special classes for athletes. Endurance athletes like runners, cyclists, triathletes, swimmers, crossfitters, and others active lifestyle enthusiasts can find the tools to perform at their best, and to avoid injuries.

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