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HVAC- Should You Repair or Replace: An Interview with Angie Rowe of Provillian Services Heating & Air, LLC

By Angie Rowe

Tell us a little bit about your company and the services you offer.

Provillian Services Heating and Air LLC is an Atlanta full service residential and commercial heating and air company specializing in indoor air quality, hybrid heating, heat pump units, high efficiency furnaces and AC units, as well as all HVAC accessories. We are a service oriented company providing our customers with honest, dependable service, backed by our peace of mind warranties that ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

What are some of the most signs that your HVAC system needs to be repaired?

Some of the signs that your unit may be in need of repairs would be if you are experiencing high utility bills, your unit runs constantly, or in the case of the AC unit, the temperature in the home never drops to the desired temperature and only continues to rise, making it uncomfortable in the home.

When would you suggest that homeowners consider replacing it instead of repairing?

There are actually several situations in which you should consider replacing your current air conditioning system. For instance, if you have to constantly call for repairs for your current system, your system probably doesn't have a lot of good years left. Even if the repairs are relatively minor, they are still costing you money every time a technician has to come out.

Is there a time frame (or age) when you would usually recommend replacing heating and/or cooling equipment?

Anytime a unit is over 10 years old and the cost of any repairs needed outweighs the life expectancy of the unit, then it is usually best to consider replacing it.

Can you briefly talk about some of the benefits of getting a new heating, ventilation and air conditioning, or HVAC, system?

Rather than continuing to dump money into a system that probably isn't working all that efficiently to begin with, it makes much more sense to simply invest in a new system. You will start saving right away on your energy bills and you won't have to worry about whether or not your air conditioner is going to work on any given day.

You might even consider replacing an older air conditioning system that is still working and not having any major problems because the newer models are much more energy efficient. Investing in a new system will allow you to begin saving on your energy bills right away.

Do you have tips for people who have a noisy HVAC system?

If you have a noisy system there are a few things to check for. Take a look at your outdoor unit and make sure that all screws have been tightened and are secure. Make sure that the condenser coil is not restricted in any way causing the compressor to run louder than it normally would.

On the indoor unit, make sure that the filters have been changed, that there's no debris lodged in the blower wheel. Check the return vents to make sure that they are free of dust build up.

What's the best way for people to contact you and your company?

This best way for people to get in touch with us would be to give us a call at 678-733-9323 or they can visit our website at

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