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How to Combine Classical and Contemporary Design: An Interview with Catherine Talkington of Cashae Interiors

By Catherine Talkington

Tell us a little bit about your company.

Catherine Talkington, Interior Designer, created Ca'Shae Interiors with the intention of bringing original interior design and impeccable services to her discriminating clients in Atlanta. Catherine focuses on applying timeless design principles from classical, traditional, transitional to contemporary floor plans and lifestyles for new construction and major renovations.

She intentionally blends architectural details with the interior furnishings so the space is a true reflection of the homeowner and how they live. Today, her Atlanta based interior design firm has a large portfolio of completed interior design projects from single room renovations to complete home renovations in Atlanta, Georgia. With over 32 years of interior design experience, Catherine recognizes each interior design project as an opportunity for innovation - avoiding trendy formulas. Although her clients are diverse, there is a consistent thoughtfulness within her work that generates warmth, beauty and quality.

We design with the motto "Loving your space".

Can you briefly explain what classical interior design is?

Classical Design is design that is steeped in tradition. It has proven itself to be timeless. Most often rooms are symmetrical and grand. Predominantly influenced by the Greeks and Romans.

Modern design came into play in the 20th century. It is not as structured, a bit more fluid. Sometimes being confused with contemporary. Contemporary Interiors are what is most current. What is en vogue at the moment. Most often drawing from both styles and "making it their own".

How can people add a contemporary look and feel to a house that is classically decorated?

The key to design is repetition of the elements; Line, Shape, Direction, Size, Texture and Color. Using this simple rule you can create a space that is a combination of any style.

What are some of the most popular design features that will help give a room/house a fused classical/modern style?

For an example: if everything in the room is traditional period furniture and you add one piece of shiny chrome to the center of the cocktail table, that one piece stands out. However using other pieces in the room that compliment that one design element, gives you an aesthetically pleasing space.

What tips do you have to help people successfully achieve this look in their home?

The best tip I can give any person is to have a plan. Do not invest randomly in one room. If you are not able to furnish the entire home at one time, have a plan for the future. Find one piece you love and build around it. When in doubt call a professional. It is far less expensive to retain professional services then to make costly mistakes.

What's the best way for people to contact you and your company?

Our contact information is below:
Catherine A. Talkington
P 770 315-9432

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