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Hope, Truth, and Love Guide Students at Jacob's Ladder Towards Academic Achievement

By Courtney Clark

Jacob's Ladder in Roswell is a Neurodevelopmental School and Therapy Center that serves students from Pre-K to twelfth grades. With unwavering commitment to and belief in their students, the staff is committed to working towards progress and quality education for all attendees.

Jacobs' Ladder was founded by Amy O'Dell and named after her son (both pictured below). Nikki Carroll, the school's Senior Teacher and Staff Writer, explains the namesake: the ladder "symbolizes Amy and Jacob's continual progress forward and upward as they learned both in knowledge and faith."

This carries over into the school, where the staff guides and inspires children to reach their full potential using research-based neurological methodology and implementation. Carroll continues, "The name also embodies the growth the brain is capable of by triggering neuronal synapses and understanding the importance of those effectively."

And the school's methods work: Jacob's Ladder is accredited by SAIS (the Southern Association of Independent Schools) and SACS (the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools). According to the website, schools that are accredited by both organizations are part of an international network that have been proven to be successful. This success stems from, in part, three core values: hope, truth, and love.

Students are placed in classrooms with others who share similar disabilities. This benefits them because, Carroll explains, it "provides a unique opportunity for compassion and acceptance. They understand the similar struggles that each is going through." Yet no student is given a cookie-cutter learning program.

Each is provided with an individualized program that effectively meets their needs by, the website says, optimizing strengths and addressing weaknesses. Additionally, the school encourages involvement with field trips, group interactions, art exhibits, and physical activities to more thoroughly implement social growth and development.

One of Jacob's Ladders' specific schools, the HOPE School, is even more specialized and unique. According to the website, it "offers a unique educational model intended to serve students who have a complex set of social-emotional, neuro-biological, behavioral and academic challenges." Often intelligent and loveable, these students tend to struggle in typical learning and social environments.

To help these students reach their full potential, the school uses a strength-based approach and intentional play: programming components, experiential services, and family components. Combined, the program not only addresses special needs but also helps these children grow and succeed.

Jacob's Ladder is a multi-faceted school for students experiencing a wide range of special needs. The highly-qualified staff ensures all needs are met through customized programs that foster growth and encourage students to reach their full potential through hopeful, truthful, and loving environment.

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