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Getting New Hardwood Flooring: An Interview with Megan Shaw of Olde Savannah Flooring

Please tell us a little bit about your company and the services you offer.

Olde Savannah Floorings a custom hardwood flooring manufacturer who specializes in hand-rubbed oil finishes. The hardwood floors we create are crafted by hand in our Atlanta, Georgia facility by skilled artisans. We use olde world techniques for distressing and finishing our floors to the highest quality standards. Olde Savannah offers each customer choices in species, size, shape, color, and finish for every floor manufactured. Our sister company AAA World Floors provides a number of onsite services including flooring maintenance, installation, and refinishing.

Is there a common misconception that homeowners have about hardwood flooring?

Most homeowners perceive hardwood flooring to be high maintenance and uneasy to care for on a regular basis. By using our hand-rubbed oil finish, we eliminate most complications and offer an ease of care and cleaning. By simply applying another coat of oil every 2 to 3 years the homeowner is actually adding another layer of protection while enriching the natural patina of their flooring. This is a service our sister company AAA World Floors provides.

What are the main decisions homeowners need to make when it comes to getting new hardwood floors?

What is the look they are trying to achieve? We believe we should make our floors fit your space not force you to make your space fit our floors. A custom wood floor should act as the canvas for the interior of the house, not the focal point.

How do you recommend that people choose the right type of wood and finish for a particular room?

We work with a lot of talented designers who assist with this selection process, but I really enjoy personally working with the homeowner to design a space suitable for their needs. The initial wood and finish selection should be based on use or amount of foot traffic involved in the space. If we are dealing with a high-volume area we would want to select a harder wood species such as white oak or hickory and then possibly add some hand scraping or wire brushed distressing to further protect the surface. But the real bottom line is what kind of design aesthetic is the homeowner or designer trying to achieve? We can customize any floor to fit their preference.

Do you have any maintenance and/or cleaning tips to help preserve hardwood floors?

We offer maintenance instructions to all of our clients who purchase flooring from us. We recommend to sweep, dust mop, vacuum, or wipe the floor with a slightly damp rag as needed. Damp mop (almost all of the water wrung out) with a solution of 2 capfuls of white vinegar to a gallon of water for any easy clean. We also provide a custom hardwood flooring cleaner concentrate.

Can you briefly explain the difference between sanding and refinishing a floor?

If for instance a homeowner decides that they would like to change the color of the floor or there is some damage that needs to be repaired, we are more than willing to visit the home to provide a sand and finishing service. This is the process of sanding the stain and finish off of the existing flooring to then re-stain and refinish the flooring to the homeowner's approval.

What's the best way for people to contact your company?

By visiting our website and submitting a customer care request online or phoning the office at 404.344.1339

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