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Game On at Giga-Bites Cafe

By Jake Levin

David Finn first opened Giga-Bites Café as an internet café in Marietta, Ga. back in October 2007 based on the experience he'd had working at one while in college.

Having just celebrated its 10-year anniversary last month, Finn continues to own and operate Giga-Bites Café in a fun and welcoming atmosphere where both the staff and gamers are always welcoming to new people.

"We make it a point to our staff to always be welcoming to everybody that walks in to the store, and to make sure that their experience is always fantastic," Finn said.

He'd always had an interest in tabletop gaming and felt that it would be a good compliment to the café portion of the restaurant, which his wife inspired. After about six months of operation, Finn said he found that the food and tabletop games were more popular than the video games, so those were phased out in favor of even more tabletop games.

Finn's favorite game is Warhammer 40k, developed by Games Workshop. It has a rich history, he said, once which has been growing for 30 years and has expanded into video games, books and movies. The game itself is extremely fun and quick to learn, according to Finn, and the models themselves are the best created in the industry.

A number of other card, board and strategy games are available to be played at Giga-Bites Café, but the most popular include Finn's personal favorite in Warhammer 40k, as well as Magic: The Gathering, Malifaux (which comes from a local company in nearby Kennesaw, Ga.) and Warmachine.

All of these games help harbor a sense of community within Giga-Bites Café, something that's extremely important to Finn.

"Community is extremely important to us as a store, as only by fostering community, can we continue to grow," he said. "We do this by hosting events, offering demos, instructional videos and more to introduce people to new game systems and other players. We also make sure our store is open, bright and inviting for every person that comes in, and give them a place where they feel comfortable and at home."

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