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From Corporate Life to a Life of Flowers: How a Flower Shop Gave a Man back his Joy

By Elisha Neubauer

Alan Sherrill once told his wife that he would quit and change careers when his job quit being fun. One morning, after 22 years in the corporate industry, he realized it had become just that- no longer fun. Keeping his promise, Sherrill left his job contracting for Bellsouth as a supervisor and headed to Conyers Flower Shop in the summer of 2000- roughly about the time Mama (the original owner) decided to retire.

Sherrill found the enjoyment he had longed to regain as soon as he entered the shop. Having freedom to run his business as he sees fit, instead of bowing to a cookie-cutter corporate structure is one of the many perks he claims to love about the Flower Shop. "It has also allowed us to employ folks that attributed to them learning a trade as well as a help to sustain a family life style," he says, listing off another reason why he feels joy in his work once again.

Another reason is the variety of clients and events he sees come through the door. "Flowers are for most any occasion: new homes, birthdays, anniversaries, just because, new births, and funerals," he explains. "There also really does not have to be a reason to generate a smile with flowers." Sherrill tells us that the entire staff gets a huge charge whenever someone calls and tells them how beautiful they thought the flowers were or how excited the recipient when they received their delivery.

When it comes to the variety of flowers that you can find at Conyers Flower Shop, you're bound to find something to fit all of your flower needs. Flowers are available by the season, as certain types are only available during certain parts of the year, and also by local availability. "We carry and can get most any type of flowers that are available through our local suppliers," Sherril states. Generally, you can find flowers ranging from the common- such as daisies, carnations, snaps, roses, etc. to tropical flowers, such as birds of paradise, protea, various orchids, and more.

For those looking to plan an event, such as a wedding, there is one large difference that you'll notice regarding Conyers Flower Shop- they don't do wedding packages. But, while that may sound off-putting at first, you have to listen to Sherrill's reasoning behind the lack of preformed marital packages. "This is due to each wedding is different as well and the different flowers needed and how many bridesmaids, groomsmen, mothers, fathers, etc.," he explains. Of course this makes sense, but he continued, detailing one final and very important piece of information that every Bride wants to hear. "Also, each budget is different and we always cater to the budget."

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kelly Leona

I second this. I keep a package of them at my desk at work . And another package in my car. So nice to be able to properly clean my hands

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