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Forever Blooming Wellness Embraces Human Growth Through Massage Therapy and Pain Relief

By Kelly Church

Offering massage therapy, reflexology and Reiki, Forever Blooming Wellness serves the Atlanta, GA area. Owner Katie Colburn had an idea that she wanted to own her own practice after studying massage therapy in 2005, but it wasn't until she had her son in 2012 that she took the official step. Colburn not only wanted to grow for herself, but for her son, which also inspired the name Forever Blooming Wellness.

"We never stop learning and growing if we are open to seeing all the possibilities around us," Colburn said. "I officially began my own business renting space at re-treat in Studioplex Lofts in July 2014 and it was the best decision I ever made. I couldn't be more grateful for the opportunity and support from the awesome ladies there that paved the way for me to grow."

Colburn offers customized massage therapy through Forever Blooming Wellness. Colburn believes that human bodies are "intricate instruments" and by offering a customized massage session, each individual gets what they need out of massage.

"I love my people and make it a point to customize the massage to the individual's needs," Colburn said. "Even though we are all the same, our bodies are different in the ways they need healing. Adjusting the pressure, the type of massage needed, or even including more energy work into certain areas is only possible with communication and I am willing to listen to help you let go."

Reiki is also offered to Forever Blooming Wellness clients. A traditional Japanese form of body therapy, Reiki encourages the body to heal itself. It incorporates energy flow between the practitioner and the client, relieving stress, pain and emotional distress. Reiki service can be added on to a massage session, or performed individually.

"Reiki connects you to the 'ki' that surrounds us and is inside of everything in the universe," Colburn said. "It is a wonderful way to support the body's innate ability to self heal and enhances the benefits of massage with a noticeable decrease of pain and inflammation in the muscles."

Colburn also pairs Reiki with foot reflexology. A form of stress and tension relief, reflexology focuses on pressure points in the feet, hands and ears. Relief in these areas is tied to improved health in specific organs throughout the body. The company's website said that "This specific massage focuses on the feet and their connection to the body. Massage with Reiki relieves pain and stimulates the nerve and meridian endings in the feet and whole body; which are directly connected to corresponding muscles, organs, and energy pathways."

However, no matter what service a client opts for, Colburn says it's her first priority to make sure they're comfortable and on their way to feeling better.

"I make it a point that each of my clients feel comfort and total acceptance about where they are on their path to wellness," Colburn said. "Being there alone means they care about themselves. I'm happy to be able to offer relaxation, pain relief, or wellness maintenance to help keep their body and mind feeling balanced."

To learn more about Forever Blooming Wellness and see specific pricing, visit

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