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For the Sole Foot Spa is Good for the Soul

By Jake Levin

Danny Eun set out to create the best spa in the Metro Atlanta area out of necessity.

An avid practitioner of the martial arts, Eun was receiving massages from several spas in the area for his well-being, but none of the spas had full packages available. He didn't mind it, but once he realized how simple the fixes were, he enrolled in school to become a licensed massage therapist himself. From there, Eun has spent the past year and a half making For the Sole Foot Spa in Sandy Springs, Ga. the go-to destination for your therapeutic needs.

"I know that in a world of constant news, to do lists, work, and kids it can be hard to find time for yourself," Eun explained of his motivations for opening the spa. "So we created For the Sole Foot and Body Spa. I wanted to create a physical escape that made you feel like you walked through the closet in Narnia, while at the same time providing the very best body therapist that can help put your body back in proper balance."

Eun capitalized on the elements in designing For the Sole, creating an ambiance based on the earth, wind, fire and sky. Each room is differently decorated while emphasizing one of the elements, but each room has one thing in common: cleanliness.

The "For the Sole" name is derived from the popularity of foot massages and the many beneficial ways in which they can help you ease your pain. Eun said that tightness in the feet, as well as the Achilles and calves are treatable through foot massage.

The root of many cases of foot pain comes from shoes and other types of footwear, according to Eun, an issue going back centuries based on what we're wearing on our feet not providing enough stimulation.

"When there is a lack of stimulation in those thousands of nerves that are found at the bottom of your feet, it can lead to imbalances in your body," Eun said. "Foot massage can help aid in the rejuvenation process."

Accountability and customer service are chief among the ways in which For the Sole is not your typical spa. There's a very thorough process a therapist must pass in order to be hired, as well as a feedback system which allows Eun and his staff to track the experience of the clients.

"We have established a strong, loyal client base and continue to see new clients every week," Eun said. "Additionally, we believe that we need to constantly be updating our techniques, ambience and service, so you will never have a cookie cutter stale experience at our spa."

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