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Five Great Towns For Renters in Cobb County

By Elizabeth Elstien

Cobb County is located in north-central Georgia. A suburban county, its population is 688,000 residents within several cities, towns and unincorporated areas. One of the most educated counties in the U.S. and the most educated county in the state based on U.S. Census Bureau data, learn which five Cobb County towns are great for renters based on availability of rentals, monthly rental cost and violent crime rate.

1. Austell

Austell is a small town with a population of 6,700 and a relatively low crime rate. Demographics show that residents are mostly African-American or White with about 20 percent of Hispanic origins. Employment is a mix of blue- and white-collar jobs. While there are a few apartment complexes, most rentals are houses with an average of three bedrooms. Apartments range in price from a one bedroom, one bathroom for $550 or under to a three bedroom, two bathroom for $800. Houses average $1,000 for three bedrooms and two bathrooms to a five bedroom with three bathrooms for $1,400. A recent rental search also found a home dating to 1900 renting for $1,700.

2. Acworth

Acworth is an extremely racially and ethnically diverse town with languages such as Spanish, African dialects and Creole commonly spoken between its many White and African-American residents (one quarter of the population has Hispanic roots). Violent crimes are low in this town of 20,000. While Acworth does have apartments, there are few available at any one time when compared with homes. Apartments run under $700 for a one bedroom to three bedrooms and two bathrooms for $915. A three-bedroom, two-bedroom house averages about $1,050 a month with four and five bedroom homes going for up to $1,400.

3. Kennesaw

There is a nice mix of houses and apartments to choose from in Kennesaw. Its population of 30,500 is highly educated working in mainly white-collar professions with little violent crime. It has a similar demographic makeup as Acworth but not quite as diverse. One bedroom apartments are in the low $700s with three bedrooms going for as much as much as $1,575. Houses tend to be three bedrooms averaging $1,300a month, but four and even five bedroom homes abound running for as much as $1,600.

4. Powder Springs

Apartments are hard to find in this town of 14,200 people. Employment is a mix of blue- and white-collar professions. Home prices are affordable and range from $850 for a three bedroom, two bathroom to a five bedroom, four bathroom renting for $2,750.

5. Mableton

Big homes are calling large families to Mableton. Although the crime rate seems high for a city with roughly 37,000 residents, violent crimes are still less than the state average. The well-educated residents work in both administrative, sales and professional jobs, as well as more blue-collar professions. While this is not a place to go apartment hunting, as apartments are few, Mableton has mostly homes with four or more bedrooms. Four bedrooms and two bathrooms range in price from $2,000 up to $2,300. A seven bedroom, five bathroom home is renting for $3,300 for extended or super large families.

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