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Expert Advice on Chain-Link Fences: An Interview with Chuck Plummer of Best 4 Less Fencing

By Chuck Plummer

Please tell us a little bit about your company and the services you offer.

We offer our customers quality work for fair prices. We install all types of fencing and automatic gate openers.

Can you briefly talk about the differences between chain link fencing and the other popular options out there?

Chain link fencing is available in many different heights and is also available in different colors. Most of your new construction developments will only allow the vinyl coated chain link if they allow it at all. Most usually require wood or vinyl privacy fence or ornamental steel or aluminum panel fencing.

What are the main choices that people will need to make when it comes to their fence?

It is important for the for the home owner to know if their are any restrictions on the height and type of fence from either the city, home owners association or the developer. They also need to be clear on what type they chose if they are seeking to contain pets.

What are some other uses for chain link fencing that you have seen in homes?

Most chain link fencing is used for pet containment, protecting property and to secure swimming pool areas.

How is the cost of chain link fence typically determined?

Unless there is a lot of site prep to do like clearing brush and trees the cost is determined by the type and height of chain link, if any gates are needed and the total linear feet of fence installed.

Is there anything the homeowner should know about the installation or that they need to do beforehand?

If there are any underground utilities in the area it is important that they are marked by the utility companies before installation to prevent any damages. Property line locations are a must if you do not want potential conflicts with your neighbors.

Do people need to do any type of maintenance to help prolong the life of their chain link fence?

There is almost none needed unless you are near a salt water environment.

What is the best way for people to contact you and your company?

Either through our website: or by phone: 706-575-9734.

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