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Education is Part of the Process at Body of Health

By Jake Levin

Julie Mills-Watson looks at Body of Health not as a spa, but as a therapeutic massage clinic.

The owner and founder of Body of Health in Snellville, Ga., Mills-Watson has created a warm and inviting destination for those seeking therapeutic body work to help with chronic pain and lymphatic therapies to support the immune function. Body of Health takes healing to the next level by integrating therapies with the healing touch of a trained therapist.

"It feels like you're entering a home, not a spa or doctor's office," Mills-Watson said. "Most of our clients have been in and out of medical facilities for a long time and are often still suffering from some type of chronic pain."

The inspiration for Mills-Watson to open such a clinic comes from the need for the nurturing side of healing. This means that Body of Health is a place where people are heard and have a safe space to heal.

During this time, she had very little knowledge of the body and the effects things like processed foods could have on them. Her family was healthy, so there was no need.

But it was from her sister's struggles with migraines and later on, her husband's bout with cancer, that Mills-Watson became interested in alternative medicines.

"She had experienced migraines for years and had found that a healthy diet and alternative therapies helped more than toxic medications," Mills-Watson recalled of her sister's condition. "When my husband got sick, we did everything the doctors said, but also educated ourselves about nutrition along the way. It wasn't until the tumors returned that we implemented these methods and got good results which lead to a great quality of life."

Mills-Watson has now turned to helping other people with their struggles with myriad of processes, one of which is oncology massage. She described the hands-on bodywork as a process which addresses post-surgical scars and atrophied muscles and one which creates comfort with healing techniques that balance the body and stimulate blood flow to the tissues, an essential process for healing.

"We specialize in techniques that address dysfunctions in the body such as swelling, scars, tendons and fascia," Mills-Watson said. "Our therapists integrate multiple techniques to customize the therapy that is best for each client's needs. The goal is to meet you where you are in your healing journey and to come up with doable ways to help your body heal. Education is also a big part of the process, and by educating the clients about their bodies, they are empowered to take the steps they need to heal. Body of Health is here for the long run to help each person reach his or her health goals."

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