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Dance Your Way to Health at Atlanta's Valeo Dance Fitness Studio

By Marina I. Jokic

For Asiya Khasnutdinova, founder and owner of Valeo Dance Fitness studio in Atlanta, there is nothing better than seeing her clients happy and energized during their workouts. With dance fitness enjoying high popularity in recent years, people are flocking to Valeo to improve their strength, stamina, flexibility, and coordination to heart-pumping tunes.

The word valeo in Latin means to be healthy and strong, or in short, to enjoy wellbeing. Through dance and music, Valeo Dance Fitness fosters a dynamic and supportive group environment that pushes people beyond their physical safety zones. Khasnutdinova's philosophy is if people enjoy what they are doing, they keep coming back.

And that has been true at Valeo, where people are drawn by the expert instructors, but also by the motivating and caring attitude of their peers. "People tend to get motivated by working out with others, so inevitably it creates a wonderful, supportive, and motivating atmosphere," adds Khasnutdinova.

In recent years, Valeo has made it to the list of top ten dance fitness workouts in the United States, and was featured in this year's April issue of Self magazine. These accolades are a testament to the excellent trainers and staff at Valeo, and the high standards to which they are held. As a way to diversify, the studio has also launched its own YouTube channel to allow people from all over the world to join in the workouts. "We have more than 11,000 subscribers with over three million views," Khasnutdinova points out.

"What makes us unique is the format of the class and expertise of our instructors," stresses Khasnutdinova. Valeo was born out of a mother-daughter team that developed their own unique exercise method. This distinctive method combines intense dance fitness cardio based on interval training with Valeo's signature strengthening exercises using weighted hula hoops, resistance bands, free weights, and balance balls while toning every muscle in your body. The program is suitable for anyone and can be personalized to accommodate your current level of physical fitness.

ValeoFit1000, the proprietary name of one of the classes, focuses on healthy weight loss and stress relief, allowing you to burn up to a thousand calories in one hour while toning your muscles and strengthening your core. Khasnutdinova points out that based on over a decade of research on different muscle groups, Valeo's method has the potential to transform your problem areas and create lean muscle instead of bulk, as many other mainstream workouts tend to do.

Once you are done with your cardio, you can pamper yourself at the Valeo Beauty Bar, which offers natural skin care solutions created with some of the finest certified organic ingredients. Products contain ginger for detoxing the body, eucalyptus to help support the respiratory system and treat asthma and bronchitis, coffee to help redistribute fat cells and decrease the formation of more cellulite, and humectants to hydrate your skin.

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