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Cyc Fitness Rocks the New Cycling Trend with Full Body Workouts

By S. Mathur

Cyc Fitness is an innovative indoor-cycling studio that "works the whole body, the whole time" by combining calorie-burning endurance intervals and strength training.

Cyc Buckhead (one of seven national locations) is located inside the Forum Athletic Club beneath Lenox Square Mall. Cyc's beat-based rides utilize music and lights to create an exhilarating experience where you can burn up to 800 calories.

Cyc offers four unique classes: Cyc45, Cyc60, CycLift, and CycLean. Each class incorporates the unique method designed by renowned trainer and fitness expert, Keoni Hudoba. Cyc45, their signature 45-minute ride features hills, jogs and uses weighted sandbags to mimic familiar sports-inspired moves such as boxing, rowing and swimming. Cyc60 adds an extra 15 minutes to the standard ride, CycLift incorporates additional weighted sectors and CycLean takes the "weight" off your shoulders for an endurance ride without the weights.

Kimberley LaPlante, Cyc Buckhead's Studio Director, explains that Cyc is such a great workout because "it not only tones your legs, but it strengthens your core and arms as well." In each class "you get everything you need in cardio, strength training, and stretching." Classes are open to all levels and can be modified by using heavier or lighter weights and by adding more or less resistance.

Cyc's instructors, called Cycologists, have varied backgrounds in dance, sports and cheerleading, and they serve are role models as well as trainers. There's a social element to the workout, bringing together fitness-minded people beyond the studio through events and social tools.

Overall, the Cyc workout has been described as one high energy party, with black lights, drums and the beat of the music all contributing to the effect. With the party feel. it's not surprising that Cyc studios are a favorite location for parties of all kinds, from birthdays, to bachelor/bachelorette to charity and corporate events.

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