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CrossFit Kennesaw Allows Members to Work Alongside Excellent Coaches in an Encouraging Atmosphere

By S. Mathur

At CrossFit Kennesaw (CFK), fitness is also about having fun. In general, CrossFit is famous for its sense of community and support, and CFK is a welcoming place. Jerry Collett, Director of Programming, says that it has become "almost a second home to many that come here. Our members are friendly, say hi to one another, know each others names and kids names, compete with each other, and also cheer each other on."

It starts with the Coaches all of whom are Level 1 Certified Trainers. They "start the day with a smile, a high five, and address each member by name. We ask about the family, we give them a little ribbing for missing class, and we try and make the workout the best part of their day."

Collett believes that the popularity of CrossFit is due to the visible results, from weight loss to actual muscle definition, in people that commit to CrossFit: "So the quick answer of why it's so popular is it simply works!" CrossFit achieves visible results in a relatively short period of time.

The workouts must be combined with a healthy diet and an overall fitness routine with visits to the gym as well. Another reason for the popularity of CrossFit might be its influence in the mainstream media, showing up in fitness apparel commercials and in popular TV shows like Biggest Loser.

Proper coaching plays a big part in the success of CrossFit training. Collett says that with quality coaching, the focus of the instruction is on the right way to do a movement: "There are over 200 CrossFit gyms in Atlanta, so we really have to bring our A game to every single class and that is what we strive to do everyday." Quality coaching and supervision are necessary for the best results and to avoid injury. Collet has been coaching CrossFit for five years and began the training himself six years ago.

CFK has programs for everyone, from beginners to experienced athletes. New members can begin with a free trial class. Beginners can start with a two week Beginner's Course that teaches proper techniques for CrossFit movements. After this,they can choose to stay in the Beginner's course, or they may move up to regular classes!

There's also CrossFit Kids, Couch to CrossFit, Fast and Strong for the endurance athlete, the Barbell Club which focuses on Olympic Lifts, and many specialty clinics.

Collet says that beginners classes have a few regular members as well "to demonstrate that they are not elite and you shouldn't feel intimidated to workout with them." The more experienced members serve as models for the beginners, he adds, as "someone to watch and learn from." It helps beginners realize that everyone is trying to achieve their personal goals through the same workout at their own level.

"At the end of the day we are all here to get a great workout and it's our job to make sure you do it right and have some fun at the same time." Not surprisingly, members regard the workouts as the best part of their day.

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