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Classic City Orthodontics Sets Smiles Straight

By Pamela Sosnowski

For most people, visiting a general dentist every six months and practicing good oral care at home is all that's needed to keep teeth healthy. But for those whose choppers are a bit out of alignment, an orthodontist is needed to make those pearly whites straight. The team at Classic City Orthodontics does just that, in a caring, comfortable environment while using modern techniques.

"(We) specialize in orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics," says Dr. Harter. "We utilize high-tech diagnosis and treatment planning in a warm and caring environment. Our team prides itself on treating every patient as a unique person with individual desires for a beautiful, healthy smile. We design each smile with care to provide a smile that is uniquely yours."

The two office locations (Athens and Watkinsville) uses several straightening methods, depending upon the treatment needed and the patient's budget and lifestyle. Conventional metal braces are used, but Classic City is also a certified Invisalign provider. With Invisalign, a clear, comfortable, and nearly invisible plastic cover is custom created and slipped over the teeth to gently move them into the correct position over time. This option offers fewer dietary restrictions than braces and can be removed so they have a minimal impact on everyday life, although it is recommended that patients wear them for 20 to 22 hours a day.

Even more innovative is the SureSmile treatment. According to Dr. Harter, only 450 orthodontists in the world currently offer it, and Harter himself was a patient that received it. "SureSmile is a high-tech, 3-D program that allows the orthodontist to accurately diagnose the position of the teeth in the mouth as well as the bones of the upper and lower jaws," he explains.

"Much like CAD software used by engineers, SureSmile allows the orthodontist to digitally mockup the beginning and end result of a patient's treatment plan and evaluate the safety and cosmetics of the final position of the teeth. The doctor then designs orthodontic wires that move the teeth to the desired end position. The SureSmile wires are made of body-heat sensitive alloys that place very gently forces on the teeth and can only be made by robot."

Offering a variety of treatment options gives patients more flexibility with their billing, but also assures them that they're treated as an individual. "We strive to educate our patients on all options available and incorporate the patient's wants and desires into each of our treatment plans," says Dr. Harter. "No treatment plans are 'cookie cutter' plans. This leads to many options for the patient to choose from as well as a more agile fee schedule. Each treatment plan has its own unique fee. Payment options are also unique to each patient and we look for ways to allow our patients to handle treatment finances."

All of Dr. Harter's assistants are certified orthodontic assistants, which means they received an additional training for orthodontic treatments in addition to dental assistant education and training. Dr. Harter has over 10 years of educational training, consisting of four years of college, four years of dental school, and a 28-month orthodontic residency program at The University of Missouri?Kansas City. The team continues their education in the field by regularly attending courses to stay up-to-date on the latest orthodontics techniques.

Above all, the Classic City Orthodontics team loves to see their patients of all ages enjoying the newfound confidence of showing off a great smile.

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