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Capturing Memories with Erica Aitken Photography

By Marina I. Jokic

Erica Aitken has been a professional photographer for over seven years. Opening her own business, Erica Aitken Photography, in Atlanta, Georgia, was a decisive moment in her career, giving her the opportunity to forge lasting relationships with many clients. Capturing meaningful moments in people's lives and being able to convey their emotions are crucial to being successful in this industry.

To Aitken, photographing people is not a job, it's the love of her life. She believes that with photography, as with any artistic profession, you grown creatively through the many experiences you encounter and the challenges you overcome. Aitken has shot over five hundred sessions by now, and with each session, she strives to sharpen her creativity and try new things. Being able to grasp what your client wants is absolutely essential to this job, Aitken says.

Aitken strives to distinguish herself with the three core principles she follows: ensure a genuinely fun experience for each client, an emphasis on creativity and spontaneity, and a promise to always provide her clients with the very best and prompt customer service.

These sound simple enough, but when you are juggling a busy schedule and trying to provide an individual experience to each client, it can be challenging to live up to these standards. Nevertheless, Aitken has figured out how to keep up with the demands of the job.

"My favorite part about my job is collaborating with so many interesting people," tells us Aitken.  As a professional photographer and an artist, she considers it her responsibility to express the emotion and relationships at the center of the human condition.  Being open and sociable also helps Aitken attract more customers. She points out that her ultimate goal as a photographer is to seek out both the internal and external characteristics that make a person truly unique. Preserving people's memories is what gives her purpose and momentum.

"When the moment has passed, all that's left to preserve that special experience in time are your memories and photographs" Aitken asserts. 

Erica Aitken Photography is most popular with families and children, since it's important for them to capture exciting moments in their lives. For parents, being able to see photos of their children when they were little is priceless. Needless to say, family photography is a booming business, but Aitken is not just any photographer.

Children genuinely love her, which makes the photo sessions much more natural and fun, and yields expressive photographs. For example, at a recent family photography session she had three-year-old twin boys play the game "Red Light Green Light." They had a blast, and the photos turned out terrifically.

Although family sessions are what Aitken's business is mostly known for, she prefers photographing boudoir session because they empower women. "While most women come into the boudoir photography experience with the goal of creating a unique, memorable and ultra-sexy gift for a significant other, they end up walking away will a whole newfound confidence," adds Aitken.  For Aitken, there is no bigger reward for a photographer than having your art change a person's self-perception for the better.    

Aitken's business has grown sufficiently to allow her to hire eight associate photographers, who have been hand-picked by her and are consummate professionals in the photography industry. When you book an Erica Aitken associate, Aitken will still be your point of contact and will handle the retouching of your photos. "A photography session with me and my associate photographers is never high-pressure or stressful," Aitken emphasizes. All you have to do is bring your positive attitude and interact genuinely with your loved ones.

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