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Buffie the Tax Heiress Brings Humor and Experience to Your Tax Preparation

By S. Mathur

If you thought that everything about taxes was dreary, and tax accountants humorless number crunchers, it's time you met Buffie the Tax Heiress. Starting with the name, Atlanta's leading tax service is far from a typical tax office. But underlying the witty persona and unconventional office decor (more than that in a minute) is a razor sharp mind with extensive tax experience in all areas.

Buffie Purselle, Tax Heiress and Buffie the Tax Heiress, LLC, is actually that, a third generation tax accountant. She says, "My family inspired me to start my own business. I am a member of a very large family of tax practitioners. My Grandmother wanted our family to have a business so that if anyone in our family or community needed a good job we could help them."

What sets Buffie the Tax Heiress LLC. apart from other companies? "The pink walls, chandeliers, and step and repeat with full lighting in our lobby isn't enough to set us apart from other tax and accounting firms?" says Purselle, tongue-in-cheek, "What really sets us apart from other practices is the way that we treat our clients. We actually vet people before taking them on as clients and we encourage them to do the same with us."

Buffie the Tax Heiress doesn't do taxes while you wait, but makes sure that clients really understand the service and their own tax situation. Clients are treated like family, and that can mean dishing out tough love to those that need it. Purselle says that clients don't hear what they want to hear, but what they need to hear: "If our clients do something silly during the year like change their tax withholdings because they got a bonus and forget to change them back we don't baby them. We are brutally honest. We help them get out of the mess that they created and ensure that NEVER do it again."

Clients are encouraged to stay in touch throughout the year, in order to catch and correct mistakes when they happen, or even better, before they happen. The 2017 tax season will have some surprises, Purselle warns, and not good ones. Federal tax refunds from the IRS will be delayed because claims of the Earned Income Tax Credit and the Additional Child Tax Credit will be thoroughly investigated to cut down on fraud. This means that people who count on receiving their refund checks at the start of the year, in January or February, will have a longer wait. State of Georgia tax refunds will likewise be delayed for as long as three months.

The practice is growing constantly and Purselle credits the hard work of the staff for its success, as well as the use of social media. The office also prides itself on being one of the first green tax practices and is almost completely paperless, relying instead on the latest technology. In addition to full tax services, Buffie the Tax Heiress also offers personal and business financial and accounting services.

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