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BLAST: More Than a Workout, It's a Lifestyle Change

By Elisha Neubauer

BLAST is more than a fitness workout. It's a lifestyle, one that may just change your life.

The concept of BLAST has humble beginnings. After the birth of her second child, the program's founder, Missi Wolf, was diagnosed as morbidly obese and borderline diabetic. Devastated, she began to look for something that would give her the support she needed, a realistic dietary plan, and wouldn't take up every moment of her free time.

Alas, she couldn't find what she was searching for. Determined to create something that would help her and others like herself, Wolf began taking classes on physiology and kinesiology so that she could create a workout plan of her own.

After many, many classes, and partnering with a team of people who specialized in fitness and nutrition, Wolf launched BLAST in 2008. Balanced Levels of Aerobic and Strength Training has been changing lives ever since. Today, there are three studios owned by Wolf with one location operating as a franchise.

BLAST is a one-hour, high-intensity interval training class. It covers a combination of aerobic work on the treadmill with strength and resistance training, as well as utilizing several types of floor equipment such as dumbbells, resistance bands, decks, and more. The program is tailored to suit anyone of any workout level, whether they're a runner, a jogger, or just a walker.

"Anyone is welcome," Brittany Adams, Fitness Instructor for BLAST, said. "Our instructors are fun, energetic, and enthusiastic, and we work hard to ensure you have a terrific cardio and strength training workout!"

Due to the humble beginnings of the brand, BLAST is all about making everyone feel involved and welcome, so that nobody feels they have to go it alone. Every trainer knows their members by name and they make it their mission to develop a personal relationship with each and every individual. It's part of how they encourage and support each person's goals.

"The biggest benefit of BLAST, in my opinion, is the strong sense of community," Adams said. "We want you to be greeted by a friendly hello each time you walk in the door so that you feel like BLAST is not just your gym, but also a family."

As the clients are their first priority at BLAST, each trainer focuses on learning each individual's strengths, making modifications for any injuries or limitations they may have while working out. The instructors are there to guide each person through individualized classes, metabolic testing, heart rate training, and hands-on nutritional support. BLAST is more than just a workout, it's a change in lifestyle.

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